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By: Eckart  09-12-2011

Notes on processing:
The complete dispersion of the metallic pigments in the coating is a pre-requisite to achieve optimum effect formation and a uniform finish. In order to achieve this, it is important to pre-disperse the metallic pigments in the solvent, adding a suitable wetting agent to further enhance the dispersion.

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When looking for the most suitable product for your application, you will here find our complete product portfolio, ranging from powders to printing inks; these pages are organised according to the different types of basic pigments. Depending on which property is particularly important to you and which result you wish to obtain, we can offer a large range of different starting materials.


Aluminium pigments - ECKART

On the basis of aluminium pigments, ECKART offers a complete product range for every area of application; this ranges from powders, pastes and pellets to dispersions and printing inks. In subsequent stages, the pigments are classified according to the relevant application and then further refined. Atomised aluminium powder is deformed and broken down during the wet or dry-milling process to form flakes.


Powder - ECKART

Notes on processing Like all materials in powder form, aluminium powders can form explosive dust/air mixtures when they come into contact with air. Take measures to prevent electrostatic charging. Do not use vacuum cleaners to remove residue. Avoid any contact with moisture.


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Our product range covers a wide range of application fields: decorative paints for DIY and leisure activities, weather-resistant paints for house and garden, and heat-resistant coatings for extreme fields of application such as vehicle engines. Special-purpose paints from ECKART provide all-round protection from weather, rust and heat while at the same time offering exceptional, brilliant colour properties.