By: Eaumack Consultants  09-12-2011

eaumack offers sport organizations a GIS assessment method that identifies trends and areas of improvement based on the unique needs of your organization. We work collaboratively to develop specific strategies and provide direction for your organization based on the outcome of these strategic assessments.

The use of GIS technologies is completely integrated in the assessment model we have developed. GIS helps us see the information in a completely new way. This allows you to assess your current situation, identify trends in your organization or sport, and ultimately develop a plan to implement the positive change you are looking for.

Here are some key types of assessments we provide:

  • Spatial assessment of an organization’s membership (including players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and team managers) to provide an accurate picture of your current membership.
  • Facilities assessment to identify areas where improvements are required, such as increased access to facilities, increased facilities amenities or future facilities placement.

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Strategic Assessment and PlanningThe services eaumack offers to recreation organizations are as broad and wide ranging as the industry itself. Assess facilities, amenities, terrain and features for improvement and expansion. We have developed an innovative GIS model to. We offer recreation organizations GIS.



We also offer a series of training opportunities to savvy tourism operators wanting to expand their knowledge and become more effective at growing their business,promoting their products internationally, and increasing their bottom line.These new workshops and online seminars will be available starting this fall at



We understand your needs and have assembled a comprehensive team of professionals to help you achieve your planning and development goals. Eaumack is a young, dynamic, and fast moving company providing consultation services to the tourism, sport and recreation industries. The services we offer are specific to the requirements of each industry and are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients.