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and voice mail.

Call any other extension in the system, or page the entire group with the touch of a button.

Telephones can be integrated with a "Driveway Alert" to ring a different tone when company is arriving! 

When a visitor presses the doorbell, the door intercom rings the phones in your home with a distinctive ring. Pick up the phone anywhere in the house to converse with the person at the door. 

Headset/Handset Control Switch : You can choose to use either a handset or headset

Built-in Speakerphone : Set the phone for automatic hands-free answering of intercom calls.

Caller ID with Call Waiting lets you view the name and number of all incoming callers on either the base unit or handset LCD — even if you're already on the line.


Security Cameras / Nursery Monitor:

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can check on the children from any TV or monitor screen in the house. 

Have a security camera at the front door and see who's there when the doorbell rings.

Monitor the pool or driveway from the TV in your bedroom.

Watch for expected company; or flip the channel to check any camera's view when you hear a noise outside at night.

Also convenient for monitoring the kids at play in the yard.


Customer Training and Support:

Some companies just sell products and leave the customer with instruction manuals to interpret.   We don't loose sight of the goal: to use technology to make your life better!  We are a full service firm; when Easy Access completes your installation, and programming, we will take all the time you need to train you in all aspects of operation.  Most important we're just a phone call away whenever you need us.  From start to finish we are with  you all the way.

We approach each project from the perspective of an architect of electronics; delivering a custom designed, fully integrated system based on the specific needs of each homeowner.  As part of our full service design, each project begins with a consultation to understand the end desires of the customer.  This is also the information gathering stage for bid proposal. 

Once retained, the  wiring phase can begin.  A complete wire design is one of  the most critical service an integration company can provide.  Done properly, the pre-wiring will save more money down the road than any other part of the project.  Getting a wire to a desired location could cost 10 times more after construction than it would prior to drywall.  Easy Access will coordinate efforts with the builder and subcontractors. Depending on the desires of the builder and homeowner the existing electrical subcontractors may run the wire or Easy Access will complete the low voltage wiring with its own technicians.

Our unbiased, open technology approach educates and empowers the homeowner to choose which products are right for them based on desired quality, compatibility, and established budgets. 

As a trained programmer of control systems, Easy Access Electronics focuses much  attention on the programming phase of a project.  Once each sub-system is connected and configured with the main controller, a world of opportunity is available through the automation system.  Lights, Security, HVAC, Spas, Irrigation, Shades, Telephone, Network, Theater, Audio System, etc. are all integrated into one network controlled through various user interfaces, such as wall mounted touch panels or keypads,  wireless touch panels, desktop computers, etc.

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Keywords: Security cameras