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By: East Richmond Beekeepers Association  09-12-2011

We really had a blast at the picnic, with around 30 folks and more food then we knew what to do with! The weather was amazing (who would have thought a mid-80′s day in July!)


Folks begin to arrive (and some are looking hungry!)

Sweet Corn Soak

Soaking the sweet corn for grill prep

Honey Bee Queens

Kenny brought some honey bee queens to the picnic

Food Prep Begins

The Weavers Stoke up the Grill

More Folks Arrive

Lots of bee talk – some stomach grumbling (where is the food?!)

Corn Hits the Grill First

Sweet corn on the grill

Hot dogs up next

Hot dogs follow the corn!

Pure Local Honey

Kenny Andrews brought some of his recently harvested honey

A Huge Feast

The food display was incredible!

Heather Grabs Some Corn

Helping herself!

Barbara and Tina

The Secretary and VP keep things organized!

A Tolerant Wife and new Beekeeper!

Heather and Ann Katherine enjoy the show


James relaxes after stuffing himself

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