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By: East Plains Animal Hospital  09-12-2011
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Routine Wellness and Preventive Medicine

East Plains Animal Hospital emphasizes preventative pet care whenever possible. Owners can help by booking an annual check-up for their pet. Our recommended wellness program includes:

    • comprehensive physical exam,
    • vaccination program that can be tailored to your cat's or dog's lifestyle,
    • internal and external parasite treatments includes flea, tick and heartworm control,
    • microchip identification,
    • specialized lab tests for all life stages.

Dietary & Nutritional Counselling

Many clinical conditions can be treated or managed by diet. Whether your pet has a weight problem or requires a special diet for a particular health care condition, our staff can counsel you on the nutritional options available. East Plains Animal Hospital encourages the use of high quality food like Hill's Prescription and Medi-Cal pet foods to keep your pet as healthy as possible.


We are capable of taking x-rays on your pet as an effective diagnostic tool. Our state of the art digital radiography system provides clear, quality x-rays in a very short amount of time. The high level of accuracy and ability to manipulate image settings allows for better and faster diagnosis, which leads to better and faster treatment.

Diagnostic Services

East Plains Animal Hospital uses many diagnostic tools to determine problem cause and treatment options. Our on-site lab allows us to analyze blood, urine, and feces for potential problems. Most tests are ready in a short period of time, providing a fast diagnosis. We also use Idexx Laboratories for more comprehensive testing and consultation on your pet. For more serious issues we can refer you to the proper feline or canine specialist.

Routine and emergency animal surgeries are performed at our hospital. Our pet surgeries take place Monday to Friday and include spays, neuters, declaws, biopsies, mass removals, and orthopedic surgeries. Most surgeries will require a stay overnight, to ensure the animal has fully recovered from the anesthetic and get a good start on healing. All patients are monitored under anesthesia by a trained veterinary nurse as well as state of the art surgical monitoring equipment. We offer laster as an option for surgery. Owners may also choose to have preanesthetic blood testing done before the procedure to ensure that there are no predisposing conditions or risks under anesthesia. Administration of intravenous fluids to their pet during the surgery is another option which helps your pet to maintain blood pressure and hydration status during the surgery.

Dental Care

Dental Care is a critical part of your pet's regular care. Your pet's teeth should be checked at least once a year, at their annual examination appointment. By the age of two, in 30% of pets, we are able to see changes and the start of dental disease. We do recommend at-home dental care, such as brushing however sometimes this may be impossible to perform or not extensive enough to prevent problems. We start with every puppy and kitten and discuss the importance of dental health. Some pets may need to have a complete dental prophylaxis. This requires your pet be placed under general anesthetic for the procedure. We will examine your pet's teeth and check for any potential problems. We use an ultrasonic scaler to clean each tooth thoroughly. We will hand scale teeth as necessary. The teeth are then polished to create a smooth surface, helping to reduce plaque buildup. Dental radiographs may be required to determine if extractions are necessary. We can also recommend products to use at home, which will help keep your pet's smile white!

New Pet Counselling

East Plains Animal Hospital is a big believer in educating clients which in turn will help you raise and keep your pet healthy. Starting as a kitten or puppy, we will be able to guide you and provide all necessary information to maintain your pet's health in all of his/her life stages.

Pet insurance is also a consideration. You pet may encounter surprises in his/her lifetime. Having pet insurance is a way to provide medical care without having to worry about the financial aspect of veterinary care.

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