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By: Easily Amused  09-12-2011

What good is a site your visitors can’t use?

We offer Usability Testing for every aspect of the sites we build. Down to the last detail of content, structure, and navigation, we test everything to ensure all of our sites and interfaces are intuitive and easy to use.

Through usability testing we are able to gain an accurate picture of a website’s strengths and weaknesses. We can tell how usable your site is based on the design, aesthetics, navigation and organization of information. We could even tell you how long we would expect an average user to stay, or how they may want to use the site versus how people are using it now.

Usability testing will greatly improve how your website works. Whether you’re looking to make sure your existing site is up to par, or we are building your site from the ground up, usability testing provides your visitors the best online experience possible.

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