A Reseach Driven Multisensory Learning System

By: Earobics  09-12-2011
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Multisensory Approach

Students who struggle with reading tend to withdraw or become demoralized by learning. Effective and engaging instruction is critical to build on these students’ strengths and enable them to develop to their full potential. The key to their success is more and different instruction that motivates students to achieve.

Earobics doesn’t just expose students to the same exercises over and over again. It gives them new ways to reach success. It enables the teacher to take a different approach to literacy instruction through an engaging, multisensory approach that incorporates technology, print, and multimedia materials to deliver instruction in the critical literacy areas, including:

This diverse, multisensory approach to literacy engages and motivates learners and delivers results for all students, including at-risk readers, English language learners, and special education students.

At-risk students benefit from engaging instruction and materials that motivate them to practice and reinforce foundational literacy skills.

English language learners benefit from specialized lesson variations and strategies to aid the transition from their native language to English, as well as instructions in 10 languages, including:

Special education students receive individualized, developmentally appropriate instruction using a variety of engaging media with learning objectives written in ready-to-use IEP format.

Earobics’ engaging multisensory reading solution includes:

Keywords: literacy, Multimedia Materials, Online Newsletter, Press Releases, Reference Materials, Special Education,

Other products and services from Earobics


A Research Driven Multisensory Learning Solution - assessments

By aligning instruction to measures of literacy development including DIBELS, the Assessment Roadmap increases the effectiveness of instruction and prescribes targeted intervention support. Enables educators to aggregate and disaggregate data using NCLB filters, comparing student demographics such as gender, language, ethnicity, Title I status, and special education status.


A Research Driven Multisensory Learning Solution - core

With detailed correlations and powerful integration tools, Earobics gives educators a diverse set of tools to support and extend the core program, meet challenging objectives, and ensure each student receives instruction suited to his or her individual needs.


A Research Driven Multisensory Learning Solution - programs

Based on more than 20 years of research and practice in schools across the country, Earobics’ unique instructional design provides a diverse, differentiated approach to literacy suited to each student’s individual needs. With Earobics, educators have the tools and resources they need to provide flexible classroom instruction for students of all abilities, and help their at-risk learners close the achievement gap before it’s too late.


A Reseach Driven Multi-sensory Learning System

Each lesson also features variations and extensions for a variety of learning situations, including whole class instruction, small group teaching, and centers-based activities and additional options for tailoring instruction to each student’s individual needs.


A Research Driven Multisensory Learning Solution - studentresources

Print materials are supported and enhanced by engaging multimedia materials that motivate students on multiple levels and keep them actively engaged in learning. Earobics comes complete with a robust set of student resources to enrich reading instruction and actively engage students in learning critical literacy skills.