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By: Eagleit  09-12-2011
Keywords: Seo, Website Development Company

    EagleIT is an up and coming website design and website development company working out of Toronto, Ontario. We have just finished developing the first version of our Content Management System (EagleIDE) which has become a great success.

    We are now ready to take on projects for clients in need of a website, web based application, website hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, consulting, or desktop application development.

    Our current primary project is the continued development of EagleIDE to make the services we offer to you continuously better with improved and extended functionality.

Our Services

    We are currently taking on web based projects and continuing to also focus on the development of EagleIDE to suit all of our clients needs with superb user-friendly functionality.  This way managing the content of your website will be as easy as possible, without ever having to see a single line of code.

    EagleIDE has been designed to not only be optimal for users who are new to websites, or even computers in general, but it is also designed to meet the needs and provide the extra functionality an advanced website developer would be pleased to have available as well, including code view editing.

    Our company currently provides services in the following critical IT development areas:

  • Website Design and Development: Initial design is done, which leads into the development of your website.  After development is complete we can give you access to our in-house built customizable CMS (EagleIDE), which is user friendly on all levels
  • Website Hosting: If you need us to host your website once it is ready to go live we can do that for you and your website will be backed up daily to prevent the risk of losing any information
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services: SEO service packages and consulting services are available to help improve your current website or assist in modifications of the content to help move your website up in search engine rankings
  • Web Based Applications: We can also develop web based applications used within a browser whether they are games, test and quiz software, business related applications, or any interactive application meant to be accessible online
  • Desktop applications: If you are looking for a powerful desktop application compiled into an executable file for use on any computer we can also develop that for you

Our Goals

    Our goal is to establish a variety of resources we can use, and train our clients to use if necessary, in order to take on any IT development project laid out or assist with improving the current state of a past development project, such as a website.

Keywords: Seo, Website Development Company