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By: Eagle Eye Lighting  09-12-2011

Genesis Series -EEL- 61
Parkade Lighting Fixtures

Have been designed to operate Longer,   Cooler and Brighter than the Competition.

As you can see in this photo. But, with less Power. This is due to our High Efficiency.

Led Drivers and Thermal Management, As well as our High Output Optics. The result is a Brighter and wider area coverage.

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We are able to supply Mounting Panels which are designed to fit into existing Streetlights and Shoebox fixtures. We have designed a standard Patented RTR-MODULE which can be integrated into various existing fixtures such as. Patented Optical design allows for TYPE 1-2-3 settings with the same Lens. Designed for use with High Output Bridgelux LEDs. Available in 50 watt and 90 watt.


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No matter the LED or Application At Eagle Eye Lighting we are able To design Optics to meet any requirement. We also specialize in LED Arrays such as Bridgelux RS LEDs. STREET LIGHT OPTIC USING BRIDGELUX ARRAY.


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The holy grail of white LED backlighting for displays is in designing the best method to illuminate a large area by disseminating the LED light source uniformly eliminating hot spots and minimizing darker areas all the while keeping the parts cost down and ensuring that the final assembly is quick and easy.