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By: E-ride Guelph  09-12-2011

Inventory clearance on all 2011 in-stock Motorino E-Bikes.  All models currently in-stock as of Sept 13th.

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Your Light Electric Vehichle, or LEV,  will reach it’s peak performance when used on smooth and flat terrain.  The battery range will vary depending on the load weight, terrain, tire pressure, wind resistance and the number of stops.  Using 1st gear when climbing steep hills will provide more torque to the back wheel while decreasing the draw on your batteries, while 2nd gear allows you to conserve battery power for extended distance.  3rd gear is full speed and just FUN!  One of the disadvantages of having a single speed bike is that climbing a hill of any size will drain the battery quickly.

When your batteries are new they will not perform to their maximum potential.  They will take on average 24 charges before the battery is conditioned well enough to achieve the longest range possible.

Yes, just in time for Spring we’ve launched a new site, and along with our new site, we have also created a Facebook Fan Page.  So please, “Like” our page so we can stay in touch.  I’m excited to start posting Facebook-only deals and coupons, along with opportunities to get involved in the Guelph community.  It’s going to be a great season for riding—I can’t wait!

What do you think of the new site!

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E-RIDEGuelph sells exclusively MOTORINO™ products designed and engineered by Greenwit Technologies Inc, a Canadian company providing the best Light Electric Vehicles since 2002. At E-RIDE we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality electric transportation and customer service. Higher, steadier speeds on inclines. Amber and Tracey here to serve you.


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Batteries stored for long periods of time will self-discharge (The higher the battery temperature, the greater the rate that the batteries will self-discharge). To reduce the risk of damage to the charger and cord, pull the charger by the plug, rather than the cord, when disconnecting the charger. Before you start charging your Light Electric Vehicle, please make yourself familiar with the instructions provided with the charger.