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By: E On Software  09-12-2011

The Advanced Digital Nature Application

Vue 9 Studio provides an advanced Digital Nature application with powerful vegetation and rendering features for dedicated 3D Artists.

Ideal for: Dedicated 3D Artists, Graphics Studios, and CG Students.

Vue 9 Studio provides the power of Vue 9 Esprit plus the following five additional modules:
Botanica, DeepAccess, EcoSystem, HyperVue and LightTune.


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Use standard animation tools like automatic or manual keyframing, time curves, move/copy/paste keyframes, tangents & interpolation, look-at constraints and ease in/out. The Motion Designer automates the animation process for various types of vehicles by accurately following terrain elevations and adding secondary motion like spin.


e-on software - Solutions - solutions

EcoSystems with wind and breeze animation, EcoSystem painting, animated Spectral atmospheres with volumetric clouds, GI and radiosity baking, open ocean shaders, fast 2.5 motion blur, time curves with custom tangents and interpolation..