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By: E-bikekit  09-12-2011
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It appears the build your own SLA wiring kit comes with 3 jumpers (one with a fuse) and the wiring harness to the controller. In the video, only the two red (unfused) jumpers are used. Am I correct in assuming that you only need the fusable jumper on a 48v system? Does it matter where it is installed between the cells?

Posted by o2 on 11-05-2011 at 9:12pm

The fuse for an SLA battery

The fuse can be used for added protection but is not necessary. It also doesn't matter where the fuse is in the setup.

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All things being equal, how much theoretical difference is there in regards to speed and range between 20" and 26" wheels? EXAMPLE. two bicycles same bicycle weight, zero wind, no incline, 48v 9ah, direct drive front hub.

Posted by o2 on 11-05-2011 at 11:31am


All hub E-BikeKit hub motors are "wound" (in the case of direct-drive) or "geared"(in the case of internal nylon geared motors) to compensate for the smaller diameter of a 20" wheel. In other words the 20" wheels have higher windings and gear ratios to compensate for the smaller diameter wheels and result in the same top speed as the larger wheel sizes. The range is the same as well.

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Hi, With the geared motors what type of gears are (steal - nylon - plastic and can I purchase repacements from yourself at time of purchase? cost? As in canada will purchase a battery localy. Was hoping to put on a 48 Volt, 10 Amp hour Lithium Polymer Battery from (Rayben Motors compatable)

Posted by E-BikeKit Novice on 10-30-2011 at 11:13am

Motor & Battery

E-BikeKit Geared Hub Motors have Nylon internal gears. We have been selling our Geared Hub Motors for over a year and haven't had any returns due to wear and tear. We do offer replacement parts but do not have a price list for them.

All E-BikeKit Conversion Kits are warranted for usage at either 36v or 48v. We also sell the hardware necessary to convert your battery to be compatible with our kits.

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I received my 36v Build-Your-Own Sealed Lead Acid Battery Kit for my E-Bike. How do I wire the SLA Battery to work with my Electric Bike?

Posted by E-BikeKit Novice on 10-19-2011 at 1:53pm

Build Your Own Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Please see the following video to learn how to wire your Sealed Lead Acid Battery for your Electric Bike.

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I could really use your help in deciding which electric bike conversion kit is right for my needs. Please help!

Posted by E-BikeKit Novice on 10-19-2011 at 11:42am

Professional advice on which e-bike conversion kit is right for you..

Need help deciding which ebike conversion kit is right for you?

  1. 1. What kind of bike?
    2. Does the bike have steel forks and dropouts (where the axle enters the forks)?
    3. How much do you weigh?
    4. What kind of distance per charge do you require or what is the typical range you will ride?
    5. Is this primarily to get up hills or mostly flat terrain riding?
    6. Will you be pedaling most of the time or not much?
    7. Is top speed a priority? Rather go 20MPH or 17MPH is okay?

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