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By: E.a. Technologies  09-12-2011
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Home Networking Services

Do you have multiple computers and want access the internet on all of them? How about a printer you want to share with other computers? E.A. Technologies has the experience necessary to get all of your systems setup on your wireless network and secure that network to protect your personal information. If you have a network setup already and are not sure if you are fully protected from the outside world, give us a call. We can come to your home and make sure your network is secured so only you and your family can access it.

Wireless Network Setup

We'll setup up your wireless network from start to finish. Service includes installing and configuring wireless router. Adding necessary wireless cards to computers and putting them on the network. We can also setup file sharing and printer sharing.

File & Media Sharing

This service assumes that your network is already in place, and we'll just help configure shared folders so that you can access your files, such as music, documents, pictures, and videos from all the computers in your house.

Windows Home Server

If you have a lot of computers in your house, and have a network setup, or want to, perhaps a Windows Home Server is right for you. A windows home server, acts much like a corporate server. It allows you to centralize your files for easier access and management, share your internet connection centrally, and have roaming user profiles so that no matter what system you log into, you see the same thing.

Wireless Security

If you plugged in your wireless router right out of the box, chances are you don't have security enabled. It's also possible that you have inadequate security. We can analyze your wireless network and make sure you neighbors are piggybacking of you paid service, or checking out your personal files.

Hosting a Website

Did you know that you can run a website from your computer at no cost? If you are interested in doing this, we can help configure your router, and computer, and show you the ropes. This includes getting a domain name (paid or free), using Dynamic DNS if necessary, and how to access it.

Wired Networking

Similar to the wireless network service, we'll add any non-wireless devices to your network. This includes necessary hardware, and running the cables.

Wireless Site Survey / Performance

If you network is sluggish, and doesn't seem to be performing as fast as you think it should, we can track down the problem. We'll analyze the signal strength in various places locations in your house, placement of the router, types of connections, and router configuration and make the necessary recommendations and fixes.

Gaming Systems

We'll get your XBox or Play Station online so that you can take full advantage of you system. This includes both wired and wireless networks.

Keywords: Network Setup

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