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By: Dynamare  09-12-2011
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Within the framework of your transport needs, you will have a dedicated team lead by an Account Relationship Manager.

Our role

  • To identify your expectations, coordinate your requests, and ensure that results are in keeping with your expectations.
  • To galvanise performance and thus maximise performance in future markets.
  • To optimise results for client satisfaction.
  • To offer a complete range of services.
  • To develop alternative or innovative solutions.
  • To support and facilitate the duration of the contract and oversee its smooth running. To ensure a continuous presence and oversee an overall vision of each shipment.
  • To improve the land/sea logistics using excellent maritime organisation.

Our client portfolio grows constantly, but as a company we continue to provide individual service to each client, in a trusting and mutually respectful environment.

Our expertise in the world of maritime transport allows us to meet clients’ needs worldwide, using effective chartering. Our extensive experience means that Dynamare Shipping France’s role isn’t limited to simple chartering and contract completion, but aims to optimise and ensure operational success for its clients, working closely with clients’ logistical requirements.

The detailed organisation of the merchandise, regarding ship location, port infrastructure and handling conditions, even ingoing and outgoing land transport allow us to offer individual service to our clients, including a door to door service.

In order to obtain and maintain this position, Dynamare Shipping France has built a large, solid and reliable network of ship owners, and maintains excellent relationships with transporter companies and warehousemen and key decision makers in European market, the Black Sea, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, North Africa and West Africa.

Our company organisation also includes:

  • Satellite tracking of ships
  • Market information
  • Shipping operation
  • Contract study
  • Covering of your cargo handling fees as disponent owner

Choosing Dynamare Shipping France is choosing to work with a maritime organisation that prides itself on a specific approach to the needs of its clients:

  • With more than 15 years of experience in the shipping industry, Dynamare Shipping France supports its clients in all maritime-linked business areas.
  • Since its creation, Dynamare Shipping France has developed an excellent range or services covering all areas of the Maritime industry.
  • In a highly competitive marketplace, where cost management and value creation are key, Dynamare Shipping France provides innovative shipping and logistical solutions.
  • Dynamare Shipping France’s business activity is split across 5 main areas: chartering, door to door transport, load survey, ship agency in French ports, and back-office operations for all your transport needs.

Our approach relies on 5 key points:

  • Relationships with clients and harbour services
  • A wide network of information and knowledge
  • A hunger for innovation and chartering solutions
  • Availability and a willingness to listen
  • Service

Keywords: Maritime Transport, Transport