Precision Drilling and Blasting

By: Dykon Blasting  09-12-2011
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Precision Controlled
Rock Blasting

Precision Rock Excavation      

Explosives are a form of energy just like gasoline and electricity.  Automotive engineers design motors to use small amounts of energy in impulses to develop useable amounts of torque.  Electrical engineers design power plants to generate huge amounts of energy, but our electrical appliances use only what is required to operate them.  Energy comes in a variety of forms that we all use every day of our lives without even giving it any thought.  This available energy we consume every day is harnessed in precisely controlled amounts that are safe and reliable when used correctly.

It works much like the domino principle.  You can take 50 pounds of dominos in a box and drop the whole thing onto the top of a card table all at once.  Or you can line up 50 pounds of dominos on the same table in such a way that all the dominos will fall in a controlled sequence.  In both examples, 50 pounds of dominos fell on the table.  The difference is, one example transferred all the energy of the falling dominos onto the table at once.  The other example transferred the energy of the falling dominos to the table in a controlled sequence and over a longer period of time. 

This is a very brief description of how Precision Controlled Rock Blasting is performed.  Lots of small holes with small amounts of explosive moving small amounts of rock in a precise sequence that never allows more than a fraction of the total available energy to be released at any one time.  We use this principle to chemically fragment rock in urban or congested construction areas, safely, reliably and economically. 

Using a combination of Precision Controlled Rock Blasting technique, precision drilling and blast design, Dykon Blasting Corp. is able to offer blasting services in areas of construction where rock is encountered in urban areas or near privately owned businesses or utility service lines.  Mechanical breakage is very expensive and time consuming.  Often times, our tax dollars are at stake because our infrastructure development is where most of the utility rock excavation is encountered.  Often times, blasting is a far cheaper means of rock excavation than ripping and mechanical breaking.  Tax dollars that are collected from the public are optimized and can be used for further development of much needed utility and road construction.

We have assembled a few of our most recent Precision Controlled Rock Blasting Projects for you to look at.  The links to these various projects can be found below.  We have digital still pictures and movie clips of these projects.  Each one also has a brief description and links to related areas of interest where available.  We at Dykon Blasting Corp. appreciate your interest in our work and we invite you to take a look at these extraordinary projects.  Remember always that safety comes first in everything that you do.  Good luck and thanks again.

Keywords: Blasting, Blasting Services, Rock Blasting, Rock Excavation

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