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By: Dw Air  09-12-2011


We offer a variety of service levels to meet most, if not all of your shipping needs.

Ground Service -- When price is your most important consideration. We'll search out the most economical means of getting your shipment to its destination via a variety of common and contract carriers. If you've got 6-10 business days to get it there, this is the way to go. Transit times vary based upon a variety of factors such as pick up and delivery points, total distance traveled and even the day of the week you call us. Although we offer the 6-10 day guideline, delivery will most often be sooner than later. 4-5 Day Service -- This is our most popular service. Sometimes this will actually be air service, but most often it utilizes our extensive ground transportation network. In many cases we are able to offer this service for less than the cost of your favorite common carrier. Besides, we can service the areas they don't ---- and we can do it quicker! 3 Day Service -- A little faster for not much more money. 2 Day Service -- A great value when time really matters. Overnight service --Some of our competitors offer "overnight" service that can take up to 3 or 4 days -- depending on the circumstances. In those cases where we can't deliver overnight (Yes, it even happens to us), you'll know about it ahead of time. Hot Shot Service -- If you need a truck and driver to grab your shipment NOW and hit the road, we can provide the whole package. When putting your shipment onto an airplane simply doesn't make sense, we can arrange a truck and driver to load up and go in many areas throughout North America. Local Deliveries -- If you need a courier to pick up and deliver across town, we can arrange it. Storage -- Long term storage is strictly a local service. Due to our location at the U.S./Canada border in Blaine, Washington (less than an hour from downtown Vancouver, BC) we are able to offer this valuable service to our customers. If you need to maintain an inventory on the U.S. side of the border, we are the convenient and economical answer. However, we do have the capability to provide temporary storage throughout the U.S. For our Canadian customers with trade show exhibit materials, this is perfect. If for example, you are exhibiting at a 3 day show in Las Vegas, and three weeks later in Atlanta, we can move your goods to Atlanta and hold them at our Atlanta agent's warehouse until you want them delivered. We can pick up when that show is over and repeat the process as many times as you need. Cross Dock Service -- For our local area customers who need to have a shipment dropped off on the US side of the Pacific Highway border crossing, let us be your transfer point. Many times, your preferred carrier may have much better rates to Blaine, Washington than they offer to Vancouver, BC. You can often save money by having freight delivered to Blaine, and then letting us deliver into Vancouver. Also, if your vendors provide shipping to any point within the Continental US -- but not to Canada -- you'll need a US address for the delivery. Let us be your US address. We can receive and inspect your shipment, and alert you to its arrival on our dock. You then have the option of picking it up from our warehouse, sending it off to a new address, or having us deliver up to greater Vancouver -- or anywhere in Canada. Innovation and Flexibility -- Whereas your normal carriers have set schedules and delivery areas, DW Air does not. Although we move the "everyday" freight shipments like they do, we also have the ability and the willingness to go above and beyond. If your shipping needs are a little out of the ordinary, or even a lot out of the ordinary, chances are that DW Air is just what you're looking for.

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