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There are many types of videos, each requiring a different set of assumptions regarding the costs involved in producing them. As a general rule, marketing videos (product demos, company overviews) cost $2,500 to $4,500 per finished minute. Training videos, which are often longer but with less “razzle dazzle,” usually cost $1,500 to $3,000 per finished minute. Finally, video produced for broadcast commercials usually cost $7,000 - $10,000 per finished minute.
Apples to Apples
The world of video production can be confusing and frustrating as you attempt to compare one provider’s price to the next. There are, unfortunately, few pricing standards in video production and rapidly changing technology only exacerbates the issue. Remember that you are the client and deserve a clear, detailed description of what is being provided by your video partner. Don’t be afraid to ask questions … a lot of them!
Cost Drivers
Below is an overview of the main cost drivers for video production. Having answers regarding your needs in each of these areas will allow for a more accurate quote. If you aren’t sure what you require, feel free to contact our video consultants to help you determine the best solution for your video needs.
  Audience – Is your video aimed at customers or is it for internal use? Generally, sales/marketing videos require  higher production values than internal communications and training videos.
  Length – Obviously, the longer the video, the more it costs. Most companies overestimate the amount of time needed to communicate their message. Even the most complex business can be summarized in two to three minutes. Any longer and you will likely lose your audience.
  Script Development – The script includes the words you will hear and the images you will see in your video. You can often save money by writing your own script, although not all production companies allow you to do so. DVideo does! However, it is important to understand that writing a quality script requires a significant amount of time, along with strong marketing and creative skills. We provide script writing tools, guides and examples to help you with this critical video production step.
  Voiceover – A professional narrator can enhance the quality of your video significantly by conveying your message in the style you require.
  On-Camera Talent – Your video may call for an on-camera host or professional actors in dramatizations. However, to save costs, many non-speaking, on-camera roles can be filled by employees or others.
  Field Production – as a general rule, each three to five minutes of video requires a full day of field production, depending on the type of video. Professional production companies assume at least two-person crews and may require additional staff and equipment based on the requirements of the shoot. Some shoots require a second or third camera, especially ones capturing a live event. Videos requiring more than one location will require additional days of field production.
Popular Options
Here's a summary of our most popular video production solutions.
While our clients' video needs vary, the videos below are most frequently requested. Please contact one of our video consultants for a free evaluation of your video needs.
  Full-Service Marketing Video (up to 3 minutes)
The majority of our clients choose this solution to meet their video needs. It delivers high production values at extremely affordable rates and includes script development by our award-winning creative team, professional voiceover and a full day of on-location field production. Video content usually includes corporate overviews and product advertisements/promotions.
Cost Estimate: $13,000 - $15,000
Self-Managed Product Video (up to 2 minutes)
Ideal for companies with basic video needs or for those budget-constrained, but still want a high-quality, professionally produced video. You write your own script using our script tools, guides and examples, and our creative team provides reviews to ensure it meets our high standards. Professional voiceover and a half day of on-location field production are also included. Typical video content includes product
demonstrations and corporate communications. Cost Estimate: $6,000 - $7,000
  Customer Training Video (up to 5 minutes)
Many of our clients are significantly reducing costs by providing a product training video to their customers. This style of training video includes higher production values than a typical internal training video. You write your own script using our script tools, guides and examples, and our creative team provides reviews to ensure it meets our high standards.Professional voiceover and a day of on-location field production are also included.
Cost Estimate: $9,000 - $11,000
Broadcast Commercial (1 minute)
A solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of broadcast television, but at a fraction of the cost of a typical commercial. Ideal for clients with a significant investment in tradeshows, wanting to display their video on state-of-the-art monitors. Typical content includes product advertisement/promotions and corporate overviews.
Cost Estimate: $14,000 - $17,000
For a free video consultation, please contact one of our video consultants.
Our Process
DVideo follows a standardized video production process to ensure the timely, on-budget delivery of high-quality solutions that meet our clients' needs.
  Step 1 - Brainstorming
Conference call is held between client and the DVideo team to discuss video concepts, script ideas, visuals, design elements and scope of project.
Step 2 - Script Development
Step 5 - Post Production
Video is edited according to pre-approved script. Pre-approved graphics, music and narration are added. Client reviews rough cut and additional cuts as applicable before the video is complete.
Step 6 - Media Delivery
DVideo has developed a full suite of innovative video delivery solutions.
Our team is dedicated to creating video delivery tools that maximize reach and effectiveness, while providing our clients the ability to measure the positive impact of their video investment.
CameraCrews-HD & SD
DVideo handles productions of all kinds, from commercials to feature films. We can provide you with our on staff DP and/or a full production crew. Whatever your project demands we can customize the perfect production crew. Let us help you bring your vision to the screen.
At DVideo, we believe the most important resource in any production is the people you rely on to make your project a success. Our crews are created from close colleagues and long time friends. We hand select crew members for each project according to their field of expertise, production preferences and creative style. All are veteran industry professionals who make their living in the production business.
Whether your project will be shot on video, film or still photography, with a large crew or a single cameraman, DVideo can provide the right crew for your job. We don't sell listings or hire unknown people. Our associates; DP's, camera operators, AC's, LD's, gaffers, keys, grips, sound techs, boom operators and support personnel are some of the best in the industry.
High definition (HD) production and recording formats can enhance video images by providing a higher resolution screen and enhanced depth-of-field. All High Definition formats are "wide-screen", a 16:9 ratio is default on all high-definition formats.
There are two choices in vertical "resolution" (how many lines are scanned on the monitor): either 720 or 1080. Both of these resolutions allow either 'progressive' (each line is scanned followed by the next line, like a computer monitor) or else they can be 'interlaced' (every other line is scanned, like conventional TV's do). The frame rate can also be important.
All interlaced video in HD is between 24 and 30 frames per second (fps). Progressive scan is recorded between 50 and 60 fps. The Panasonic DVC-PRO HD can record either interlaced (720 lines) or progressive (1080 lines) and at frame rates between 24 and 60 fps. The Sony HDCAM can also record between 24 and 60 fps, at either the 720 line resolution, or the 1080 resolution.
3D Animation
Many years of experience and a ruthless attention to detail are needed in order to simulate realistic movements and transitions. The thrill of exciting, high-impact animated 3D graphics for title sequences, promotions is a similarly valuable media art form which can really set your business apart from its competition.
We pay attention to the smallest, most tiny details in our animation for all projects in our 3D department. DVideo can create photo realistic models, visualizations, product designs, interactive 3D models, VRML and trailers for TV, internet or broadcast as well as a host of CGI effects for a variety of uses; and with one of the best teams of 3D animators in the country, we can create something outstanding for your business
Digital Video Editing
Editing and Production Services by DVideo present your audience with a higher quality video through digital video editing and production services. Digital video editing and production is performed in-house on HD Avid editing software which is technologically advanced editing equipment. Whether your video is for promotional campaigns, education, or corporate training and presentation, DVideo grants you access to the technology and provide you with a solution.
Color Correction
A color correction room has tools to fix problems, you have footage and the lens didn't focus right, or the lights flickered, or the film stock was wrong, or the tape has a glitch, or the white balance was way off.. whatever. We can soften, sharpen, remove dirt and glitches, and reduce noise and flicker. We have ways to convert different time codes, to encode and decode hidden metadata in film transfer videotapes, to convert any format to any other format. We enhance logos and brighten faces, unless of course you want a logo smudged and a face hidden. There's a place in every story where the pictures need to look special, and it's a big problem if they don't. Happy or sad, bright or dark, color correction helps bend the image to do the bidding of the storyteller. On the colorist's palette are defocus tools, area highlighting windows, selective color isolation, and unlimited control of every color. We use these tools to create moods, increase visual interest or simply make pictures jump off the screen.
Streaming Video
  Higher Quality
Our proprietary video encoding and compression process creates the sharpest, cleanest-looking video possible. And our auto-detection technology identifies the optimum format and file size to deliver to the viewer, ensuring the highest quality streaming video available.
  Wider Reach
Our ability to deliver video in the most popular video streaming formats and at multiple Internet connection speeds effectively covers more than 98 percent of your potential online audience. Because most video streaming providers encode their clients’ videos in only one format and at one speed, they significantly reduce the video’s audience.
  Video Streaming: How It Works
DVD & CD Authoring
Enhance or even replace traditional print collateral with interactive CDs and DVDs.
These low-cost, high-quality solutions deliver the sharpest, highest quality video possible.
Standards and Format Conversion
  Standards Conversion
  There are three main world standards. These are NTSC PAL SECAM. Within each of these three standards, there are a number of variations. Video broadcasts and recorded material in the US will not play on equipment in Europe for example - and vise versa! We can convert almost any world standard to another!
The process of Video Conversion takes the video signal that has been recorded or broadcast in one standard and converts it to the new video format. This is achieved by using a Broadcast Quality Digital Video Standards Converter connected between the original video source and the new output source. The video converter will normally include integral Time Base Correction to aid in stabilizing videotape sources. High performance is achieved by using Digital Conversion and Digital Comb Filtering in the decoding process.
  Format Conversion
Format conversion from video to disc or online media encoding to and from most broadcast and domestic formats from either tape to tape or tape to provide optimized high quality playback for any target disk either DVD or CD or online low and high resolution including streaming media formats. We offer High quality encoding and can advise on the best formats you require.
All Format Duplications
Anything from a highly specialized tape copy for broadcast to just a plain old "dub", DVideo can help you. The increase of not only tape formats but video formats has created an alphabet soup of technologies professionals and the casual producer need to cope with. Chances are, whatever it is, we've seen it.
Just counting tape formats can be a daunting task, much less knowing how to successfully handle the material for production. The many seemingly identical yet wildly different DVD formats is enough to drive you nuts. But then, there's HDTV to make it even deeper.
Relax. We've got it covered. We understand not only what each format does but also what it will do to you. That's right - it's not as simple as it used to be. Virtually every tape format released within the last 10 years has its own form of compression. Understanding the effects of cascading compression schemes is what will keep you out of trouble. You say "huh?" and we say "Relax".
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Keywords: Script Development, training video, Video, Video Production

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