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The goal of Dubeau Auctions is to effectively convert your   assets into immediate cash, at their highest Fair Market Value.

Auction Services

Dubeau Auctions provides:

  • Friendly, free, no obligation, consultations, to help you   to determine your needs and an appropriate method of marketing your assets to   achieve maximum return on your goods sold
  • Over thirty years experience in the auction   industry
  • Competitive rates on services provided including   appraisals, packing, trucking, storage, clean- up, disposal and on-site auction   preparation
  • Prompt payment with complete computerized listing of your   articles sold
  • Assistance by our trained staff to coordinate your auction   needs and requirements
  • Numerous and effective means of advertising, from paper   promotional marketing to all forms of media including the internet. We also   provide e-mail “blasts” to our large customer list.
  • The ability to produce “Live-On-Line” auction services   simultaneously with the actual auction, providing the means for distant/foreign   customers to purchase
  • Services for absentee & telephone bidding

  • “Little boy’s with big hearts.”

  • Digital images of the merchandise for more accurate   viewing at our on-line web page
  • Computerized systems, both at our permanent facility and   at on-site auction locations
  • Security alarmed building with locking   showcases
  • Full kitchen services at our permanent location or on-site   catering by our Chef
  • Visa, MasterCard and Debit for convenient payment for the   purchaser
  • Storage and/or delivery service for the purchasing   customer at reasonable rates

To accommodate your individual needs, we offer a wide range   of complete and professional auction services including but   not limited to   ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  and   .

Real Estate Auctions

Auction has proven to been an extremely successful avenue in   order to sell real estate. A few of the advantages of auctioning real estate,  whether it be residential, commercial or industrial are:

  • Auction offers a “Non-Contingent” contract (no conditions   and sold “As Is”). The sale is legally binding between the buyer & seller as   with all articles sold by auction
  • Auction provides several commission rate options,  depending on the situation and needs of the customer.
  • Auction provides quick closure if needed, as the seller   sets the closing date
  • Auction can not only sell your Real Estate property but   can also liquidate the contents all in one process, thus reducing your stress   and workload of clearing out the home/property for resale.

There are two methods of selling real estate by auction   which are:

Reserved Auction:

In this type   of auction the seller has a safety net in place. An undisclosed reserve price is   placed on the property. If the bidding fails to reach the reserve price, the   property owner has the right to refuse the highest bidder. As always at an   auction, the excitement of the competition creates a bidding war and thus the   reserved price is usually achieved and most often surpassed.

Absolute Auction:

This type of   real estate auction generates maximum response as the property is guaranteed to   sell to the highest bidder regardless of the sellers price requirements. Buyer   attendance and excitement is the main advantage to this type of auction. Of   course the disadvantage is that there is no safety net for the seller.

For more information and a commission price quote on selling   your real estate property, please call Chris at (705) 327-5890.

Complete or Partial Estate Auctions

“If in Doubt, don’t throw it out.” - Chris Dubeau

Often value can be overlooked in the effort to liquidate an   estate. It can be as simple as throwing away an old postcard because you are not   aware that it holds value in today’s collectible market. In order to realize   maximum dollar value of the estate, it is best to have an experienced   professional assess the estate before you make any decisions on how and what to   liquidate. “If in doubt, don’t throw it out”, call first.

Settling an estate, relocating your home or simply   downsizing can be a very stressful and time consuming event in your life. Dubeau   Auctions has been easing the burden and stress of these situations for over 30   years. Liquidating by auction offers a very effective and quick method of   selling your assets achieving the highest Fair Market Value.

Dubeau Auctions offers a wide range of services to cover   your individual needs from appraising, sorting, packing, transporting, storage,  clean-up & disposal to selling your real estate property. Dubeau Auctions   has a secure permanent facility to accommodate your merchandise or with our   up-to-date portable equipment, we can conduct the auction right on-site at your   location. Within 2 weeks we can have your merchandise liquidated and have cash   in your hand with these few simple steps beginning with your phone call to our   office.

  1. Our professional consultant will meet with you at your   location to view and assess the contents and present you with options and his   recommendations for liquidating your assets with no cost or obligation to   you.
  2. Once you determine which services your situation   requires, arrangements will be made with you for an appropriate date and   location for the dispersal of your items, whether it be one item or the complete   estate including your vehicles and real estate property.
  3. A complete list of your items for auction will be   recorded and digital photos will be taken and in order to start effectively   promoting and advertising the auction sale through various media forms including   our online web page and other online advertising hosts.
  4. If your situation requires it, a date will be set with   you for packing and transporting your items to our building (or a date will be   set with you to sort, arrange and display the items at your location in the   event your situation requires an on-site auction.)
  5. Once your items have arrived in our permanent auction   facility, they will be tagged and displayed for your auction date. We will place   your more valuable items in locked showcases and place your art work in our   display gallery for optimum visual effect. If you have merchandise that   qualifies for one of our speciality auctions they will be discussed with   you
  6. Our experience staff will conduct your auction on the   agreed upon said date. You are welcome to attend the auction or send a   representative in your place but it is not necessary.
  7. If the auction was conducted at your location, our staff   will clean the area and remove all garbage incurred from the auction   sale.
  8. The agreed upon commission and fees for services rendered   will be deducted directly from the auction proceeds. A detailed computerized   printout stating the gross auction income, an itemized list of the items sold   and the price they realized will accompany your cheque within 2 weeks (or   earlier if required) of the date the sale was conducted.

Dubeau Auctions has the experience, the trained staff, and   the equipment to liquidate your complete estate quickly and effectively. Let us   reduce you workload and related stress with just one simple phone call to our   office at (705) 327-5890

Fine   Arts & Private Collections

With over 30 years experience, Dubeau Auctions offers   complete services for handling your fine arts and/or private collections. Your   items would be featured in one of our specialty auctions which are held   throughout the year. Our specialty auctions consist of primary higher end   quality merchandise and collections. These auctions are heavily marketed and   promoted. Often these auctions are simultaneously broadcasted live online over   the internet, offering access to collectors world wide.

Benefits of a speciality auction are:

  • Single items or a multiple of items will be accepted.
  • Items will be featured in the appropriate speciality   auction as the auctioneer hand picks the merchandise
  • Extensive marketing, promoting and advertising, including   the use of digital images, will be in place for an extended period of time
  • Catalogue and/or Live Online broadcasting will be utilized   should the auction contents warrant it
  • Absentee bids by phone or e-mail are accepted; allowing   more prospective buyers
  • Research and/or appraisal service is available for your   items should this service be required
  • Extremely competitive commission rates will apply to   articles selected for one of our speciality auctions

To see if your item(s) qualify and to obtain a price quote,  call Chris at (705) 327-5890

Quality Antique & Collectible Auctions

Dubeau Auctions offers an extremely effective avenue to turn   your quality possessions into immediate cash at their highest Fair Market Value.  Dubeau Auctions is widely known for it’s success in selling quality antiques   & collectibles. We have been conducting these types of auctions for over 30   years at our permanent facility and continue to scheduled them on a regular   basis (usually bi-weekly). Our antique & collectible auctions draw strong   customer attendance.

If you wish to have your possessions included in one of our   quality antique & collectible auctions, the process starts with your phone   call to our office. We will set an appointment for your free, no obligation   consultation. If our services suit your needs the following steps will   follow:

  1. Packing and pick up of your items will be scheduled with   you or you can arrange a time to drop off your merchandise at our   building.
  2. Once your items have arrived at our permanent auction   facility, they will be tagged and displayed for the upcoming auction date. We   will place your more valuable items in locked showcases and place your art work   in our display gallery for optimum visual effect. Your items will be featured in   the appropriate antique auction as the auctioneer hand picks the merchandise for   each sale. If you have merchandise that qualifies for one of our speciality   auctions these options will be presented to you.
  3. Extensive advertising is used for each auction. The   auction listing along with digital images is placed on our website along with   several web hosting pages enabling us to reach a larger potential   audience.
  4. Within 2 weeks (or earlier if required) of the auction   sale date, you will receive your cheque, (less the quoted commission and fees   for services rendered),with a computerized list of the items sold and the price   they realized.

To have your prized possessions featured at one of our   antique & collectible auctions please call Chris at (705)  327-5890.

Vehicles & Farm Equipment


As a Certified Personal Property   Appraiser Chris has dealt with many vehicles including “Classic”, new and used.  He holds a registered MF number licencing him to appraise vehicles for the   Ministry of Transportation. His experience as an auctioneer has only added to   his ability to assess vehicles at Fair Market Value.

Chris has successfully sold hundreds of vehicles through his   auction company. Using digital images, Dubeau Auctions can effectively promote   and advertising your vehicle through various forms of advertising media’s as   well as electronic mail outs to our large customer list.

For more information on auctioning your vehicle or if you   require an appraisal, whether it be an estate, a business or “Classic” vehicle,  contact Chris at (705) 327-5890.


There is a select market for selling farm equipment and   implements. Auctions are an excellent method of liquidating the assets of a farm   due to the fact that the majority of the potential customers themselves are   farmers. Their time is precious and offering them a variety of necessary items   all at one time is of the utmost convenience for them.

Being raised in a rural community surrounded by working   farms, Chris possesses hands on experience when dealing with the liquidation of   a single piece of farm equipment or the entire farm including the real estate   property. Dubeau Auctions has the equipment, staff and resources to fulfill your   auction needs whether it be on site at your farm or at our permanent facility.  Our company offers a variety of services, at very competitive commission rates,  to build and enhance your auction.

To discuss your specialized needs, please contact Chris at   (705) 327-5890.

Commercial & Industrial Machinery Auctions

Dubeau Auctions has the experience and resources to   liquidate one piece of equipment or an entire manufacturing plant.

We are experienced in liquidating automotive & machine   shops, restaurant & bakery equipment, printing & press equipment, farm   implements & equipment, heavy equipment & industrial machinery,  manufacturing equipment & lines.

Due to the variances in these industries, you should contact   our office to discuss the requirements of your individual situation such   as:

  • Appropriate method of auctioning; live on-line or in   attendance only
  • Appropriate location to conduct the auction; on-site of   your business or moved to a more suitable location for maximum exposure and   safety
  • Appropriate date to conduct the auction; time required to   effectively advertise, set up & catalogue, offer customer   previews
  • Appropriate terms and conditions of the sale; payment   options, insurance requirements for removal, transporting/shipping   options
  • Appropriate methods and regulations for disconnecting and   draining equipment/machinery
  • Appropriate administration procedures; time required to   meet regulations specified for your industry; insurance coverage, health and   safety issues
  • Appropriate equipment and services required on day of   sale; phone lines, fax connections, internet connections, washroom   facilities

To set an appointment with our consultant, free of charge,  please call Chris at (705) 327-5890

Liquidations & Foreclosures Auctions

As a general rule, liquidation & foreclosures are time   sensitive and require high confidentially.

Dubeau Auctions has handled a large number of these types of   auctions and has proven beneficial to all parties involved. With over 30 years   experience, Dubeau Auctions has established itself as a reputable and accredited   firm working in conjunction with Lawyers, Financial Institutions & Insurance   Companies.

Auction provides a quick yet effective method of achieving   Fair Market Dollar Value for your assets with a minimal work load. If you find   it necessary to liquidate your business or if you are retiring & simply   closing shop and need your inventory and business chattels liquidated, Dubeau   Auctions offers complete or partial service packages necessary to effectively   accomplish this. They range from simply promoting and calling your auction to   completely organizing, setting up & displaying, cleaning and disposal after   the auction sale. We have the equipment, the staff and the experience to conduct   your auction sale onsite at your location or to pack and transport your   merchandise to our permanent facility to be sold.

For more information on the services Dubeau Auctions offers   to effectively liquidate your assets in a timely manner please call Chris at   (705) 327-5890.

Charity & Fund-Raising Auctions

Being raised in Simcoe County, Chris Dubeau believes in   giving back to the community and in supporting local businesses and   Associations. He often donates his time and expertise as both a licenced   Auctioneer and a Certified Personal Property Appraiser to fund-raising events   such as:

  • Orillia Soldier’s Memorial Hospital Foundation
  • Simcoe Country Museum
  • Orillia Square Mall Merchants Association
  • Coldwater & District Agricultural Society
  • Big Brothers
  • Helping hands
  • Salvation Army
  • Rotary Club of Orillia
  • Laidlaw Education Services for the Children’s Miracle   Network
  • Seniors Lifestyle Foundation - 100F
  • Gravenhurst Public Library
  • Canadian National Turkey Federation
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Antique Road Show - Muskoka Style
  • Numerous local church & school fund raisers

A growing number of charitable organizations are featuring   live auctions at their fund-raising event to achieve and surpass their   fund-raising goals. An experienced auctioneer possesses the ability to be able   to read the audience and stimulate bidding. Using a professional auctioneer   provides not only entertainment for the audience but also ensures that a   regulated and legal auction takes place.

For more information on how Dubeau Auctions’ fund-raising   services can assist the needs of your organization, please call Chris at (705)  327-5890.

Live Online Auctions

With the ever advancing technology we are now able to   conduct an auction at one location while simultaneously broadcasting that same   auction live on the internet to a world wide market. This technology greatly   benefits the seller as it provides a wider berth of potential customers for   their merchandise.

This method of auctioning live online provides the buying   customer with the auction experience as if they were attending it in person,  except they are offered the convenience of bidding from home or work both   locally or internationally.

The online live auctions utilizes digital images for viewing   and a corresponding cataloged selling order is posted ahead of the scheduled   auction date. This offers the buying customer a chance to preview the sale and   judge an appropriate time to log on if they are only interested in one or more   items featured in the auction, thus freeing up their time for other activities.

Dubeau Auctions has the equipment and resources to utilize   live online auction services. However, we presently reserved this service for   our speciality auctions such as our Fine Arts & Private Collections auctions   and our Commercial & Industrial Machinery auctions as these auctions demand   the attendance of a world wide buying audience.

If you have items that would qualify for either our Fine   Arts & Collections or Commercial & Industrial Machinery auctions and   would like to utilize the live online auction services please contact Chris at   (705) 327-5890.

Keywords: Estate Property, Merchandise, Real Estate, Real Estate Property

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With ownership of an antique mall for nine consecutive years, he branched into the retail sector of antiques, which afforded Chris an additional perspective of the ever changing antique consumer market and the factors which affect this market. Chris’ natural love of quality antiques, recognized by age 10, enticed him into his career as an auctioneer as well as lead into him into the field of antique furniture refinishing.