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By: Drvid  09-12-2011

Want to resize a folder of images for the web? The quickest and easiest way by far is with ImageMagick.

First, make sure you have it installed…

  • On Ubuntu/Debian:
    sudo apt-get install imagemagick

This makes commands like convert and mogrify available…

Now open a Terminal and change to the directory containing the files you want to manipulate, then execute the following:

mogrify -resample 72 -quality 66% *.jpg

Warning, this will overwrite the files in your directory. If you had images in a different format, and/or wanted to convert them to smaller, lossy versions, you could try something like this:

mogrify -resize 25% -quality 66% -format jpg *.png

This will make copies of your resized images next to the originals in that same folder (Windows users may have problems using the * for batch file manipulations however).

That’s it! This really is the quickest and easiest way to resample a whole bunch of images.

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I’ve finally decided to cancel my MobileMe account because, these days Apple doesn’t really need another hundred bucks from me every year. As my renewal term is coming in the next week I’ve been thinking, researching and testing free alternatives to most of these services. Replace all your MobileMe services for free, and terminate your billing renewal because Apple shouldn’t be charging money for this.


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Most of the icons were modelled in Maya and vector rendered, but the last few I’ve been faking the 3D look directly in Illustrator. I’ve also had to retrace much of the line art since the Maya Vector Renderer didn’t really give me the cleanest lines. After completing the base theme I went on to make a few other colour-scheme variations of it. I mocked up a basic layout in Fireworks to find a basic look and feel including colours.


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For anyone that doesn’t know, the CNIB runs a huge library of braille, e-text and digital talking books for it’s clients. Simply decodes DAISY books from MP3 to WAV and updates references in SMIL/HTML files accordingly. Copies all markup and moves all audio files into 'withSectionsAddded' subfolders. Runs 'insert notice' XSLT transformations on a folder of valid DAISY 2.02 books. Spawn saxon java transformer process. Print ' ->\t\t' + wave.


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It’s a few years old I know, but watching it again and the layers of detail in the plots are still astounding me. Dramatic characters in a grim metropolis and did I mention the amazing designs, voice acting and animation. Full of existentialist themes, information warfare, cyber-crime, robotic empathy, trans-humanism….