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By: Drnatura  09-12-2011
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Detox Reviews from our customers

“My GI doctor recommended increasing my fiber intake . I tried the usual over-the-counter fiber supplements, but none consistently provided relief. Another doctor recommended a special fiber from the local natural remedy store which cost over $70 per bottle and tasted awful. Then I came across DrNatura's website and thought, ‘Why not give this a try?’ I blend the fiber powder into my morning mocha java smoothie.

…Beyond providing nonsoluble fiber, DrNatura's contains soothing herbal supplements like aloe and slippery elm bark…The fact that it cost less than a third of other similar brands is a great plus and it tastes far better.”
Julia G.
Knoxville, TN

“First let me repeat, the Fiber taste is delicious.”
Christine H.

“After completing the Detox, I have continued on with the Colonix fiber once a day and have consistently felt great and stayed regular. I have also ordered more of this product and sent it to my brother who had the same problems I did and was just as amazed at this wonderful product!! I recommend this to anyone who will listen. My health and my life have truly improved because of this product and I believe that this has probably saved me from intestinal problems in the future! All I can say is ‘Thank You Very Much’!!”
M. Klapproth

“I found it to be an easy experience. I kept my hand mixer on the counter and blended the fiber with organic, no sugar added juice and found it very easy to take.”
Maria P.

“The fiber in this pack is ground ‘super fine’ for easy mixing and absorption in the intestines and actually tastes good if you can believe it. … No more straining and sitting on the toilet for half an hour for nothing. I mean I love this stuff. There's no greater feeling than knowing your insides are clean. People take showers every day to clean their skin, why not clean the inside of your body too. After all, this is the real thing that should be clean. I just wanted to write because I'm convinced this product works. It's very inexpensive for what it can do for you. Now I can eat a meal and not feel ‘stuffed’. It's just a great feeling.”
- Daniel K., New Jersey

“I've been using the Colonix intestinal cleanser and it the best fiber and cleanse that I have ever used . I have used other brands and have found this product to be the best. It mixes well with my protein shakes in the morning and as long as I drink plenty of water I have very good movements. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks.”
- Troy G., Biloxi , MS

“My wife, who has had a problem with regularity since she was a child, felt less bloated and was having bowel movements two and three times a day… I am amazed at how much I didn't know about fiber and what it does for our health.”
- Mark N., Anderson, SC

“The program has prompted me to eat better and the fiber in the morning really does help my appetite while I'm at work.”
- Donna S., Orchard Park, NY

“I will never go without the fiber again in my life!!! We love your products!”
- Marcia Poucher

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Keywords: Fiber

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Do not use this product if you are allergic to soy or wheat products or have a medical condition that can be affected by consumption of soy, wheat, or wheat derivatives. Long term use of supplements containing silver may cause argyria, a condition which is not dangerous to health, but causes discoloration of skin and mucous membranes. If you are taking any medications, consult with a healthcare professional before using DrNatura products.