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By: Driftwest  09-12-2011

It’s been quite a few years since Louren Sansregret and I started this website and to be quite honest with you I’m surprised it’s grown as large as it has. I’m amazed and honored that has become the premier drift forum in western Canada, and I promise you it will only grow from here. A little while back, Louren was kind enough to give me control over the site, and a few exciting things have been set in motion since then.

Over the years, Driftwest made a bit of cash. Up until now, I just sat on it. Now I’ve flipped it back into the website, and then some, to improve the service we’ve been providing all these years. The forums that everyone’s used to won’t change much- we’re just combining a bunch of the subdirectories, and moving the event coverage to the new Blog section of the site- but these are just a few small building blocks to support the bigger upcoming change: the Driftwest Series. Colin Reeves, Spec-D and I have combined forces to promote a series for the West, and we will do our utmost to bring you the best and fairest drifting in this part of Canada.

The Series

The Driftwest Pro Series is a west-coast-operated, west coast series- by the drivers, for the drivers. The series will be single driver pool events meaning all pro-ams and pros will compete together similar to XDC. We will be running four events in Alberta and BC in 2012. Some changes from 2011 will include video taped judging (for challenging purposes), driver workshops, immediate cash payouts and no “re-dos”. Our judging format will be similar to prior years but the rules will be very straightforward and will not change mid-season. Tech for the upcoming season will be easier to comply with than following years for more incentive to the rookie pro-driver. The rule book will be posted to the site later today.

Schedule (Tentative):

  • Round 1 – Castrol Raceway (Drift Pad), Edmonton – June
  • Round 2 – TBD, Calgary – July
  • Round 3 – Pentiction Speedway, BC – August
  • Round 4 – Castrol Raceway (Roadcourse), Edmonton – September

On behalf of Colin Reeves and myself, we thank you, and welcome you to the new era of drifting.

– Kenji Miki