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By: Dress Sf  09-12-2011

Ladies?  Can we talk?

As you know I’m in the business of women.

And I am PLEADING with you…  BEGGING!   Can we have 1 day…. JUST 1.  Where we put aside our issues with our bodies?

Seriously. Just. 1.

Put aside the criticism.

Put aside the comparisons.

Put aside aaaaalllll the “constructive” criticism(s) we’ve received over the years from our parents, our friends, the store clerk, the media, our husbands, partners and so on and so forth…

And just love yourself.

Fat, thin. Tall, short. Busty, flat.  Who cares?!  We all have stuff we’re not fond of, so what!?!  I’ve (almost) dressed a 1000 women these past 2 years.  I’ve seen it all and not one person is so “flawed” that it takes away from the beauty of the woman.



Trust me on this.

So let’s make today (hell the next couple of days, months, years…)  GODDESS DAY.  Look in the mirror and instead of focusing on the flaws focus on the good stuff.  And you can’t see anything good then REMEMBER all the things your body can do: Bear children.  Hike mountains.  Ran marathons.  Bake a bazillion cupcakes on 24hr notice.

I’m officially declaring today GODDESS DAY.  One day of no put downs. No self-deprecating comments.  No “I wish…” statements.

You are you. Made uniquely. There is no one like you and you are here for a purpose.  Focus on that.

Pass it on.

Happy Goodess Day!!!!!

- JG

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Uncategorized « the dressing room

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