Dream Clean

By: Dream Clean  09-12-2011
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Our technicians “Custom Blend the Solutions” for your particular carpets. Our InstaDry machines apply pressurized solutions deep into the pile removing dirt instantly.

  • Rugs are dry in a few hours
  • Approx. 95% of the soil is removed
  • Fibers are restored to their original sparkling beauty
  • Recleaning time is usually 4-6 years
  • We Do It All - including moving and replacing all furniture

Our lower priced service. Our industrial strength machines remove up to 50% of the soil. Many times more effective than “do-it-yourself” methods. Rugs are usually recleaned after 1 year.

Pet Odour Problems?
We have put over 30 years of research into correcting pet odour problems, and now we guarantee we can get them out. We will also remove all stains and completely deodorize and disinfect the area. We will solve your pet odour problem or give you a .

We are the only company to guarantee velvets. After embedded soil has been removed from the delicate fibers, a special machine process treats the fibers for that gleaming velvet look. No oily shampoos are used, no residue is left, it won’t resoil quickly, colours won’t run and materials will not shrink.

Our cleaning is so thorough and long lasting, that we can confidently warrant our results to last for 3 years. We also guarantee that the cleaning results are the best in the industry and that there will be no damage to your possessions.

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