By: Dr. Vie  09-12-2011
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Safety Risk at our Factory 25 November 2011

Dear Consumer

As of 23 November 2011 we have had no heat at our factory on Nuns Island. The gas furnace motor from 1990 is defunct. The temp inside is 7 degrees. Our LandLord Canvar sent 2 repair men to fix the furnace. Guy the maintenance person tried to assault me when I found him filming inside our factory. I ws quick enough on feet to duck and avoid being hit.  Mother & I called 911 and have filmed his attack. Canvar condones his conduct & insists on sending him back in to continue repairs. We have had no option but to stop manufacturing since then. We apologize to our loyal consumers for the lack of products during our peak season. I have decided not to jeopardize the health & safety of my staff, Mother Vie or myself.  We shall resume production when we are able to function under safe and secure conditions. We trust that you understand this unfavourable position in which Mother & I find ourselves in.

I remain at your service.


Dr. Vie, Founder & Scientist

Dr. Vie Superfoods, Montreal, Canada

Dr. Vie Chocolat (original)

Wrapped with 100% pure cacao.
Freshly made intense nutritious low-glycemic calories in singles size. Ideal for breakfast, snack, delicious sandwich or even dessert.

Boris Verkhovsky, Director of New Performances, Cirque du Soleil eats Dr. Vie daily since 2008.  To listen to Dr. Vie Radio interview with

6 varieties:

  • Goji Relax (goji, acai & seabuckthorn berries)
  • Mocha Alert (red coffee cherries & acerelo cherries)
  • Acai Power (acai berries, ginseng & ginger)
  • G-Shok Fun (matcha green tea & ginseng)
  • Pour Moi Slim For Me (goji berries & spirulina)
  • LuCoco Om (Peruvian lucuma fruit & coconut)


               Heidi Hollinger, TV5 Host :”Dr Vie food makes me feel happy.”

Dr. Vie Sports & Fitness

Easy to digest for sustained energy
Freshly made fitness balls or one full bar. Eaten before, during or after activity. Delicious dark chocolate and crunchy seeds for ideal protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.

  • GO Sports balls in 3 balls before or during activity
  • ReCharge After Sports Apres Sports in 1 full bar within 30 minutes after activity
  • Nutri Sports balls in 3 balls during activity or after activity

    Dr. Vie donates proceeds from sales of GO Sports Balls  to Japan’s survivors of the recent earthquake and tsunami.

    Matt ”Riot Maker” Baker, Mixed Martial Arts fighter, eats Dr. Vie Sports to cut weight for his middle weight fights.


    Dr. Vie Boost

    Sustained low-glycemic calories
    Freshly made nutritious combination of pure chocolate in our weight regulation cellboost formula provides sustained energy for workers, students, party goers, parents and more.

    • Super Berry with super fruit
    • Mocha Cherry with super cherries
    • Gin Geng warmth with super berries and ginger

    Dr. Vie Cupidos 18+

    Love to love guilt-free. Sustained energy when the time is right!
    Freshly made 3 Cupidos, low-glycemic calories infused with the food of love: pure chocolate.

    • For him
    • For her
    • For sharing

    Dr. Vie Dessert Hearts (featured above) Chocolate Dessert Family Packs


      Frozen or chilled guiltless chocolate
    Freshly made chilled low-glycemic superfruit goodness. Replaces the need for icecream, sweets or cakes. Made with our original mix of pure dark chocolate and rolled into yumminess. A real treat with absolutely no guilt. Finally a nutritious dessert that works for your body, mind and emotions.

    • Berrilicious Superfruits (goji, acai & seabuckthorn berries)
    • LuCocolicious (Peruvian lucuma fruit & coconut

    Dr. Vie Kids Superfoods


    Milk-free, nut-free, sugar free chocolate for children
    Fresh, delicious dark chocolate ‘brownie’ infused with creamy seeds. Ideal for snack time, party time, lunch time. Yummy grilled in sandwich or rolled into a pancake or mixed into hot oats.Pack the bread and pack Dr.Vie ChocoShok (launched in October 2011) and MaxiVanilla (2012)  for a wholesome nutritious lunch, snack or dessert your kids will love you for and you will love your kids for eating. Yes. Science can be sw


    All products are sold per box with 12-24 units per box

    Dr. Vie’s  Special of the Day is available for those who need our foods urgently and are ok with the fresh food items that are immediately available.

Keywords: Chocolate, Dessert