Troubled Teen Help ~ Solutions

By: Dr Maxym  09-12-2011
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Not only have I worked with many, many teens like yours and parents like you, I know the programs and schools which I recommend, and I know the people who staff them.
The right program is determined by a number of factors, but one of the most important is the staff. Knowing who will be working with your teen is a crucial part of choosing the right program. I visit the programs which I recommend to my clients, I know who will be working with your teen.

How it feels to send your child away. .
I know how hard it is to reach the decision to send your teen way. I tell parents that it is not an admission of failure to decide that their teen and their whole family will be better off if they decide to send him/her to a program or school for teens.

Remember: Your teen was leaving home anyway it is only a question of the how and when not being quite how you had planned. You may have to send your child away in order to get him back. It can be a very good trade off!

Keywords: schools