Active Release Techniques Services Dr. Stephen G. LaScala

By: Dr Lascala  09-12-2011
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Dr. LaScala performs a thorough exam in order to find the cause of pain. As a soft tissue specialist, he determines where areas of adhesions and scar tissue are present and uses specific muscle movements to break down the restrictions.

Dr. LaScala also provides full chiropractic services and, when necessary, recommends a strengthening plan to eliminate muscle imbalances which lead to injury.

Dr. LaScala utilizes Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Erchonia Cold Laser technologies which help rejuvenate cell growth in injured tissues that cannot be addressed with A.R.T. alone. The center also uses the Graston Technique which reduces the need for anti-inflammatory medication and resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a safe and painless electrical current therapy. The current  is delivered at the same current the body produces in cells in a manner which restores improper electron frequencies to normal in cells damaged by injury. When cell activity operates at the proper electron frequency, cell energy, protein synthesis, and toxin removal are enhanced.   Injured tissues become healthy once again.

Erchonia Cold Laser is a safe and painless low level laser therapy.  It stimulates cells to bring them to to their most natural state, speeds healing, and substantially reduces pain.  This form of therapy has proven invaluable, even for stubborn injuries including plantar fasciitis and shoulder injuries. Erchonia Cold Laser is the identical unit used by Dr. Jeff Spencer on six-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service Team during the Tour de France.

The Graston Technique incorporates hand held tools to break up scar tissue that is at muscles insertion points or deep within soft tissue. These are areas that are too deep or thick to break up with hands and other normal modalities.

Keywords: Scar Tissue, tissue