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By: Dr. Andreia Barta-sima  09-12-2011
Keywords: teeth, Bridges, Crowns

Filling materials have come a long way from the time of amalgams (silver-mercury), to the newest generations of composites (tooth coloured) which offer strength and adherence to tooth structure, and can be chosen to blend with the existing tooth colour for the best cosmetic result. We can now even build teeth to improve shapes or close gaps using the composite materials. Composite fillings can be made as small as needed, without removing healthy tooth structure. Although composites have all the above benefits, they also have disadvantages. There is no perfect filling material yet. Our philosophy is to use each filling material for its best application. We will discuss with you about pros and cons of each material before we place it, and you can make the decision of which one you prefer.

Crowns are “caps” covering the entire tooth structure above the gums. Crowns are usually recommended for teeth which need to be reinforced to prevent breakage, such as teeth that have large fillings, cracked teeth or root canal treated teeth.

Replacement of missing teeth can be done by older methods, such as partial dentures or bridges, or with the new, implant-supported crowns or bridges. Each method will be discussed with you in case you need to replace missing teeth, and you can decide which treatment you prefer.

Keywords: Bridges, Crowns, Partial Dentures, teeth

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