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By: Doulashop  09-12-2011

Which style of carrier is the most comfortable?

This is a personal preference, but we have received the most feedback that wraps are the most comfortable especially for longer periods of time.

What if I need a different size carrier?

You may exchange your order within 21 days from purchase date. Checkout our


What carrier works best for breastfeeding?

Wraps, pouches and ring slings work the best for nursing.

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Pregnancy Comfort at the DoulaShop

Women usually feel the best during the second trimester but have a renewed sense of tiredness and discomfort during the third trimester. To help with proper spine alignment, try using a pillow between your legs or body pillow at night. Back pain can be attributed to poor sleep issues, especially later in pregnancy. Resting with your feet up and soaking your feet in a salt soak will help.