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By: Double Spring  09-12-2011
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Editorial CMS

Complete suite of tools to allow you to create & manage editorial content. Publish stories, breaking news, events, photos & videos, bookmarks, reviews & more. Combine powerful automation & syndication features with a clean & flexible design to create an impact. Whether you are a local newspaper, TV or radio broadcaster, geodomainer; our CMS has the features you need to drive traffic, keep people coming back and capitalize on your website.

User-Generated Content

Build your brand by encouraging your readers to participate in contests & sweepstakes - sponsored by your advertisers. Reward your loyal users via referral programs. User-engagement features like discussion forum, classifieds, opinion poll, comments, reviews, ratings & more will help your organization build open communities around your content, collaborate with your readers and create new content channels; rapidly growing your audience and site traffic.

Content Aggregator

Social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; Media sites like CNN & Huffington Post; e-Commerce sites like Groupon & LivingSocial; Marketplaces like eBay & Oodle - they are cumulatively generating terabytes of content every day! LocalEngine helps you tap third-party content using content aggregation & curation tools to create relevant information for your audience; emphasize local context and value-added analysis of the third-party content.


Search Engine Friendly URLs, both for listings and for search queries in addition to meta tag and keyword management, adding keywords to a description field for each cateory, sitemap, as well as other factors that help boost your site's search engine ranking.

Optimized for Social Media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Yahoo & Google+ for users to share content with their friends; deep integration to facilitate site registration & participation in creating user-generated content.


Local businesses find local media sites extremely helpful in precisely targeting potential customers most valuable to them, and are excited about opportunities to advertise.

  • Flexible business directory solution with multiple-listing formats; featured, sponsored or free listings. Set your own pricing, workflow & other specifications.
  • Opportunities in local marketplaces; specialized directory solutions for Classifieds, Events, Real Estate, Weddings, Nightlife, Restaurants and more
  • Accept & Publish Advertorials (paid content)
  • Integration with affiliate programs like Expedia (Hotels & Cabs)


Local e-commerce is single biggest opportunity for local media companies. You are in a unique position to create value for both; local businesses and your readers.

  • HOT Deals

    Partner with local merchants and host your own group buying platform; offering good deals will ensure that your customers will keep coming back for more!

  • CLUB Membership

    Partner with local merchants to start an exclusive club where members enjoy special offers & discounts at your merchant-partners; restaurants, hotels, spas, theaters, pubs, concerts & more. Sell annual memberships to your readers and create a recurring income stream.

  • Online Shopping

Keywords: search engine

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