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Frequently Asked Questions About
Our Keyword Optimization Services

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Why should I consider using your services?
A: Because we've been successfully ranking sites like yours in the top results of the most popular search engines since March of 1995, and we've been promoting companies "online" since the days of GEnie, before the "world wide web" even existed. We have a proven, verifiable, and documented web site promotion track record that speaks for itself over the past 8 years — but about our services, too!

Q: How do I know you will actually provide the services you claim to offer?
A: DotComMojo™ is a unit of Neotrope®, a 20-year old brand identity and marketing company founded in 1983. We are members of numerous trade organizations, are listed/rated with Dun&Bradstreet, and are members of the Better Business Bureau of the Southland (Southern California), as well as the BBBonline Reliability Program. Using the links below, you can verify we are a legitimate business entity, and are not a "fly-by-night" operation:

Q: Do you guarantee I will get listed in the top ten on my favorite search engine?
A: Unfortunately, no. Due to a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to, keyword/phrase popularity, structure of your web site, evolving search engine methodologies, and your willingness to follow our guidelines to improve your "ranking potential," we cannot guarantee specific results.

Q: Another company promised me a huge traffic increase, can you do this too?
A: Traffic to your web site is not a barometer of success. A "huge traffic increase" offered by companies with the word "Traffic" in their name may be worthless to your business. If you receive 10,000 "hits" on your site, and no sales, then how is that of value to your profitability? Our approach focuses on "contextual marketing" — the concept of putting you where your potential customer/audience will find you.

In learning to use your web site's traffic reporting tools (contact your hosting provider, or in-house webmaster for more information about software like WebTrends, Webalizer, AW-Stats, etc.), you will find that getting 10,000 hits might be as few as 500 "unique visitors." Never confuse traffic with potential buyers. A good analogy is having a store on the side of a busy street: it is illogical to count every car that drives by as a "hit" (as most people who tout "high traffic" do); you should only care about people who walk into your store, off the street, using this analogy, who would be "qualified" potential buyers.

We have some highly profitable legitimate business sites of our own on the Internet, which gross over $10,000 per month selling products and services, and many of our clients have sites that do ten times that. Based on our own successes, our approach with your site is simple: help to ensure your site has content appropriate to how you wish to be found, then ensure your site is found in the search engines by people looking for your offerings. If this is done, then your potential customers will find you where they are looking, and "qualified traffic" will then walk in the front door of your web site, and potentially buy your products/services.

A: We have found that there are approximately 1,000 worthwhile search engines worldwide, and 50,000 business directory sites, databases, and legitimate "link lists" that are worth submitting to. Everything else has proven to be worthless, will definitely result in hundreds (if not thousands) of spam messages, and may get your site blocked from major search engines which count those links as "negatives" when assigning "weight" algorithms to your site popularity.

Further, some "companies" that use off-the-shelf site submission software may get your web site blocked from engines that disallow multiple submissions of the same web site URL (uniform resource locater, or your domain name). We have even documented that using "Wolf" products (used by many "search engine submission" companies without their own in-house programmers as we have) can result in immediate multiple hack attempts on your domain and web server, and if you don't have an appropriate security program (i.e., firewall, ip-chains, chkrootkit, pop-before-smtp, etc.), your site can be compromised and used as a hub for sending spam and/or posting illicit materials. Working with an inexperienced company can actually result in damage to your site content, your credibility, and potentially result in being blocked by major search engines.

Q: Will you train me on how to use your software?
A: We do not sell software or license any application which you use, or which will live on your web server. Our company acts as a consultancy, advising you on how to improve your web site(s) "ranking potential" based on the actual way a specific "spider" reads the legitimate content found on our site. Certain of our service plans include our team making modifications to your site for you, while our entry-level plans require you to make changes to your site based on our recommendations.

Q: Do you use software like WP-Gold or similar to achieve your results?
A: Absolutely not. We've found that the top search engines like Google can ignore attempts to create "custom entry pages" with products like WPG or the wide variety of similar products. For example, go to Google and see how many of the top results actually lead to so-called custom entry pages — you will find that, in fact, there are few if any.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?
A: No. Because our services are based around providing you with experienced consulting, not "pushing a button," we cannot provide a money-back guarantee. Our services are provided to educate you on how search engines work, how to improve your web site's "ranking potential," and by making sure your content is linked to contextually so that it is found. We do not offer services "on approval," or as a "trial."

Q: What kind of companies and/or web sites will you not work with?
A: We will not work with companies or web sites which do not meet our acceptable content standards. This can include companies that routinely send "spam" or that specialize in e-mail marketing, companies involved in selling pornography, multi-level marketing firms, hate-related, and the like.

We cannot assist companies with web sites containing mortgage refinancing, body part enhancement/enlargement, diet and weight loss products, or which sell "business reports." Additionally, we do not work with sites that are solely affiliate links to another company's products/services such as a bookstore site that is powered by Amazon, or similar. We will not work with organizations or individuals who provide anonymous information, and whose company and/or identity cannot be verified. We will not provide services to sites that have mirror sites with different domain names, have multiple parked domain names, or that link to any service provider competing with Neotrope/DotComMojo.

Due to conflict of interest, we will also not promote any site involved directly with keyword optimization, web site design and development, web hosting, public relations, news distribution, web site promotion, or contextual marketing.

Q: Can you host my web site, and/or provide traffic reporting tools?
A: Absolutely. From time to time we have clients who are unhappy with their current hosting provider, either because of poor reliability, excessive downtime, and/or lack of web traffic reporting tools. Neotrope has offered affordable web hosting for small businesses since 1996, starting at $19.95 per month, and including extensive built-in graphical traffic and keyword reporting tools. This helps determine which search engines are finding you, and the terms used to locate your site in those engines. We own and manage our own web servers (note: we do not host Windows technologies like ASP or FrontPage, and only use reliable Linux/Apache systems running on Sun hardware). Inquire for more information.

Q: Several companies like yours I've looked at are located in Singapore, China, or Latin America. I'd prefer to deal with a U.S.-based firm. Where is your company located?
A: DotComMojo is a unit of Neotrope. Our primary and only office is located in Redondo Beach (Torrance), California; in Los Angeles county, USA. Our location can be verified in the Verizon-Superpages, with Dun&Bradstreet, with the Better Business Bureau, with the California State Board of Equalization (BOE), the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), and by verifying our secure certificate authenticated by Thawte during the checkout process when ordering our services. Unlike some of our competitors who are located in foreign countries (like Asia, Europe, or Latin America, and thus not subject to certain U.S. commerce laws), Neotrope is a legitimate business entity established in California in 1983 (the company formerly known as Mindset). for additional information, and how to contact us.

Didn't find the answer to your question?
E-mail us at: [email protected]

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