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DotSorcerer Keyword Optimization and Contextual Marketing Services

Contextual Marketing Technology That Works
Neotrope's proven DotSorcerer™ search engine optimization service works in three critical ways: first, to ensure your site is submitted to thousands of "worthwhile" search engines so that your site is listed as widely as possible; second, to provide "contextual" links into your site which helps to improve your position in search results; and, third, to evaluate and consult with you on your website content and structure to determine how to improve your overall "ranking potential."


More than a Keyword Optimization Service
Our service is much more than search engine optimization — it's a support program to help you improve your website, and it's a network of "high weight" websites we manage which link into your content "in context" using our proprietary ContextEngine™ technology. This combination is what makes our service so for our clients. When you choose our service, we work hard to ensure that your site can be found by your potential customers.

  • Complete evaluation of your website and consultation on all the elements we feel need to be revised (or, "optimized") to improve your overall "ranking potential" based on your most desired keywords and phrases. There is no limit to the keywords you can optimize for (in practice ten unique phrases work best, where the different words recombine into additional phrases within search results). With our "expert" plan we also provide "hands-on" modification of your home page HTML, sub-page, and frame-set master as applicable (additional page modifications available, at added cost). We can even help "optimize" Flash-based sites which normally do not rank at all in search engines like Google.
  • Free issue of the industry newsletter on contextual marketing and search engine technologies, Search Engine Intelligence™, a $25 value (printed edition).
  • Additional "add on" optional business promotion services available with all DotSorcerer ranking programs (see pricing section, below).
  • We recommend this plan be used annually (once per year). There are NO ongoing or monthly fees for this service and rankings will continue even if you do not use our service again in the future.
  • DotSorcerer BASIC PLAN
    Keyword Optimization and Contextual Marketing
    $649.99  (US$, one-time fee, per domain).Our deluxe search positioning package includes a ten-point evaluation of your entire site content (HTML page structure and frame sets) based on your keyword goals, in order to dramatically improve your "ranking potential." This consultation is based on our 8+ years of experience in achieving top search engine ranking results. Full review of elements which may adversely impact ranking (hidden text, parked domains, etc.). Consultation on recommended use of and unlimited use of our free METAmaker. monthly submission of your site to all major and selected . Weekly "spidering" of your site content by for 12 months. Permanent placement in the Neotrope ContextEngine™ contextual marketing system (at "Level-1" weight), providing links into your website "in context." Three months of placement in our "Level-2" system to "jump start" your rankings. Ongoing report of published on Includes free direct-link banner ad (468x60)placement on our high-traffic, high-ranked content sites for three months. This is our most popular service offering. Note: This plan does not include hands-on modification of your site (see "expert" package below if you need us to make changes to your site for you).
  • DotSorcerer EXPERT PLAN
    Keyword Optimization and Contextual Marketing
    with Hands-on Content Editing and Website Optimization

    $899.99  (US$, one-time fee, per domain).Identical to "Basic Plan" above, except includes personal modification* of your home page HTML and one sub-page (and main frame-set, as applicable). We will create customized META data, and provide optimized versions of your Web pages. These can be used as guides to correct the rest of the site content, templates, and any dynamic elements. The "Expert" level plan also includes creation of two so-called "custom entry pages" (only if needed, due to site structure or elements like Flash). Expert plan comes with additional reports, including Inktomi keyword placements, initial list of successful search engine submissions, and more (reports provided in PDF format, only). After your first round of ranking in search engines from our optimization and placement in our ContextEngine system, we will revisit your site during the first three months to make further adjustments and recommendations if you're not ranking as well as desired under your "most wanted" words and phrases.

"Rule the Web" for Under $75/mo.
At less than $75/mo. over the course of one year, our "Expert" keyword marketing program is an unrivaled bargain, particularly when compared to paying hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) per month in "pay for position" keyword positioning. Remember, the above are ONE TIME fees, paid in advance. There are no supplemental monthly fees at all, and you're not locked into any long-term contract where your results can be held hostage if you discontinue a service program.

Additional "Add-on" Options
In addition to the above base fees for our consulting services, we offer various "add on" options (recommended), which enhance your placement of complementary links on the Web.

    *We may not be able to work with Content management systems (CMS) like PHPnuke, Fusion, or any ASP-based CMS, and may need to work from a snapshot of your "rendered" pages on the Web as necessary, in cooperation with your webmaster. If your CMS has adequate documentation and is straightforward in operation, we may be able to work within its paramters to provide your site maintenance and optimization. Please inquire in advance about this issue, particularly if you use an "open source" or proprietary CMS.

    All services are offered subject to our of Service (TOS) as outlined on our order form. DotComMojo is a unit of ®, established 1983.

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