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Alchemy Positioning Search Engine Optimization and Contextual Marketing

Proven Contextual Marketing Results
Neotrope's most powerful keyword marketing solution, called Alchemy Positioning™, includes the best features of our ™ keyword optimization and ™ search engine submission services with ongoing consulting and maintenance of your site content to ensure the highest possible keyword placements.

Starting with a three-month program (no long term contracts), Alchemy Positioning is ideal for large companies who derive a significant portion of their revenue from their website(s), and who need to dominate specific keywords and phrases above their competition in all major search engines. We can even include management of a "pay for performance" campaign in Google's AdWords system for your site as part of this program. This allows you to effectively compete against larger companies with an in-house marketing team, even if you're just starting out!


Search Engine Optimization and Management
Our Alchemy Positioning solution is based on the concept of ongoing optimization and management of your site "metadata," and contextual content. This program combines deep-linking "in context" from high-weight sites, powered by our ContextXpert™ technology, along with ongoing review and evaluation of your site content to ensure you can be found where your clients are looking for you. This solution is ideal if you need a complete "hands on" review and ongoing maintenance of your website, including adjustments as needed to improve your ranking potential. Extensive reporting lets you know how well you're doing at all times.

  • Complete evaluation of your website and consultation on all the elements we feel need to be revised (or, "optimized") to improve your overall "ranking potential" based on your most desired keywords and phrases. There is no limit to the keywords you can optimize for (in practice ten to thirty unique phrases work best, where the different words recombine into additional phrases within search results). We also provide "hands-on" modification of your home page HTML, sub-pages, and frame-set master as applicable (up to 10 hours of work). We can even help "optimize" Flash-based sites which normally do not rank at all in search engines like Google, including building static HTML/SHTML content by extracting information from the Flash movie(s) that Google can read.
  • Ongoing modification and update of your site content (up to three hours per month) in response to prior ranking results, new search engine methods, etc.
  • Review of your top three competitors' websites to determine content and ranking issues.
  • Free subscription to the industry newsletter on contextual marketing and search engine technologies, Search Engine Intelligence™, a $299 value (printed edition).
  • Optional AdWords program management in Google's contextual marketing and avertising system (at additional cost per month, based on desired ad budget).

Price List for Alchemy Positioning Contextual Marketing
and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

(Effective June 1, 2003)

  • Alchemy Positioning BASIC PLAN
    Search Engine Optimization and Contextual Marketing
    $1999.99  (US$, one-time fee, per domain),
    + $299.99 per month, with three month minimum.Our deluxe search positioning package includes a complete evaluation of your entire site content (HTML page structure and frame sets) based on your keyword goals, in order to dramatically improve your "ranking potential." Includes ten (10) hours of initial "hands-on" modification* and optimization of your site contents and metadata. Ongoing monthly maintenance and modification (up to three hours per month) of content to adjust for ranking results achieved in the prior month. Analysis of your top three competitor websites for comparative content and ranking issues. Dedicated research assistant will manually review your placements in engines (automated "ranking tools" can adversely impact your rankings, so we don't use them), and compile reports of , to be provided as PDF. Monthly WebTrends keyword and search engine traffic reporting (if your server allows remote log-in and recovery of raw server log files). Permanent placement in the Neotrope ContextEngine™ contextual marketing system (at "Level-2" weight), providing links into your website "in context." Placement in our "Level-3" system as long as you maintain your account. (NOTE: "levels" are somewhat analagous to millions of site pages in our proprietary "weight" methodlogy.) monthly submission of your site to all major and selected . Weekly "spidering" of your site content by for 12 months. Includes free direct-link banner ad (468x60) placement on our high-traffic, high-ranked content sites for 12 months. Includes national business press release via announcing that your company has selected Neotrope's Alchemy Positioning search engine optimization solution ($349 value). Release will appear on 3,000 - 10,000 news websites with link to your site, and on our permanent content sites as a .
  • Alchemy Positioning EXPERT PLAN
    Contextual Marketing and Keyword Position ManagementIdentical to "Basic Plan" above, except includes optional monthly management and maintenance of an AdWords "pay for performance" and contextual marketing keyword advertising plan on Google, where we take care of everything for you including billing, setup, reporting and maintenance. Please inquire (minimum additional $150 per month, prepaid in three month blocks).

*We may not be able to work with Content management systems (CMS) like PHPnuke, Fusion, or any ASP-based CMS, and may need to work from a snapshot of your "rendered" pages on the Web as necessary, in cooperation with your webmaster. If your CMS has adequate documentation and is straightforward in operation, we may be able to work within its paramters to provide your site maintenance and optimization. Please inquire in advance about this issue, particularly if you use an "open source" or proprietary CMS.

All services are offered subject to our of Service (TOS) as outlined on our order form. DotComMojo is a unit of ®, established 1983.

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