By: Don Themm Enterprises  09-12-2011
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Don Themm Enterprises
We are Dairy System Design Consultants
Putting systems together the really work requires highly effective components
that do specific jobs in our systems.  Here is a list of some of the products that we
think meet this criteria.  We are sales and design consultants to the companies
who supply these products.  If you are interested in any of these products contact
us and we will provide you with details and insights about each of them.  

MacroAir Technologies supply large diameter (8' to 24') fans
for our Gentle Breeze Ventilation Systems

Polyzone.com is our source for Densilite plastic "plywood" -  a
high molecular weight polypropylene sheet that we use in our
Easy-Care and Easy Mover Under-Roof Calf Hutch systems

Linway Manufacturing Company makes equipment that we      
      have designed including the:
Easy Chute
Easy Care Under-Roof Calf Hutch
Easy Mover Under-Roof Calf Hutch
Gater Gates
, the handiest, longest lasting gates that you       
                          will ever own.
Slanted Feed Fence
     Easy Flush Manifold for distributing water into flush            
                     alleys in our
Easy Flush Barn Cleaning System .

DaSilveira Southwest, Inc, Cow, Heifer and Calf locking             

The Dynamo Company, Lapp Energy-Free Drinker

J&J, Manufacturing Co.,   Rocket Tip-Clean Waterer

Riverdale Mills Corporation,   Galvanized and PVC coated          
                               fencing for calf hutches and sidewall                  
                               openings on freestall barns.

Agricultural Mfg. & Textile, Inc.,   Michigan Dairy Curtain.

Airmaster Fan Company,   Heavy Duty Air Circulation Fans for
                                                summer cow cooling systems.

Keywords: Dairy System Design, Design Consultants,

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