Domain Recovery Service

By: Domainconcerns  09-12-2011
Keywords: Intellectual Property

If a domain is discovered which infringes on one of your marks and is registered by an unrelated third party, can work with your in-house counsel and your outside intellectual property attorneys to maximize the probability of successful recovery while controlling costs.

Failure to take vigorous and timely action against domain pirates who infringe on your company's marks can result in your company's marks lapsing into the public domain.

Keywords: Intellectual Property

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09-12-2011 Project Management Service

We can review the effectiveness of your contract with the registrar and provide unsurpassed quality assurance tests at each step in the registration process.We also will make certain that your organization has a copy of all registrar-NIC correspondence and that all domains for which you have applied are actually delegated by the NIC authority.

09-12-2011 Domain Consultation Services

You may also have stumbled across some of the unfortunate pitfalls that arise from domain ownership either in the form of deregistration either from neglect or mismanagement, to piracy and abuse of your intellectual property on the Internet. If your organization maintains a domain portfolio of any size, you are already well aware of the incredible value which Internet domain names have gained in the world as viable assets.

09-12-2011 Corporate Registration Templates Service

This key element is vitally important to keeping your domains in order because the process of creating registration records is always easier and less expensive than changing them at a later date. Constructing a Corporate Registration Template is the key to long-term ownership and maximum control of your domain names, and the unification of your domain portfolio.

09-12-2011 Portfolio Optimization Service

Such diverse and varied registrations often go unchecked for potential faults which can very easily lead to all sorts of problems ranging from domain deletions, a lack of direct control over the domains themselves, or even a false understanding of true legal ownership.

09-12-2011 Domain Name Registration Service

In many countries, trademark registrations, local legal entities, and/or local administrative contacts are required to register a domain name, but in just as many countries and territories your brand is at risk of being registered by unrelated third parties. can register domain names in all countries in the world in which your organization qualifies.

09-12-2011 Domain Registration Packages

EUROPEAN UNION PACKAGE - If your company is doing business in Europe, seriously consider registering your key brands in the 27 High Risk European country code top level domains. We offer a range of regional and global High Risk packages for registering domains in those countries without registration restrictions. HIGH RISK PACKAGES - The most effective preventive measure you can take is to register your key brands in High Risk country domains.

09-12-2011 Portfolio Consolidation Service

In particular you will have the added ability to be able to modify any of the details of any of the various domains within your portfolio via this interface, again significantly reducing third party costs and administrative hassles for the foreseeable future.