Televisions |

By: Divx  09-12-2011

TVs have become sleek, wall-mounted works of high-tech art. With all that technological innovation, it’s not surprising that many possess the ability to play back DivX standard definition and full DivX HD 1080p videos. There are hundreds of DivX Certified digital TV models out today that allow you to simply copy your videos to a USB drive, media cards and/or network interface and play DivX videos directly on your TV.

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Mobile Phones |

There are several DivX Certified® mobile phones available and you have your choice of some amazing devices to watch DivX videos in the palm of your hand. This includes the ability to play DivX® video, so your videos can literally go everywhere you go. Those days are over and now your phone can do everything short of control the weather. Mobile phones were just used for making phone calls.


Multimedia Storage Devices |

If video overload has maxed out space on your PC, a multimedia storage device may be your answer. Simply copy your DivX® videos to your drive, connect it to your TV and away you go. No more burning discs – your videos are all right there for you to choose from.


DVD Players |

With the ease of burning your DivX videos to disc and playing them on your DVD player, DivX has become an essential feature of DVD players worldwide. In addition to playing your digital videos on your TV, with DivX technology, you can fit up to six standard definition movies onto a DVD.


Blu-ray Players |

With their ability to play stunning high definition videos, Blu-ray players have become the new standard for movie viewing at home and on the go. DivX can be found on a range of Blu-ray devices from major brands so you can get more than the ability to watch Blu-ray discs.


Game Consoles |

The PlayStation® 3, one of the most popular computer entertainment platforms in the world, is certified to play DivX® video. You can get amazing video performance and take advantage of the PS3’s advanced capabilities, including network streaming. Blasting hideous creatures to save the world is great, but your gaming system can do much more.