By: Divito Electric  09-12-2011
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100A or 200A Panel/Service Upgrades

Change your old 60A fuse panel or service to a safer,clean looking 100A or 200A circuit breaker panel package with a complete legible panel directory.

Panel Surge Protector

Every household has electronic audio and video equipment that should be protected. This unit will protect your equipment aganist lighting strikes and everday voltage fluctuations and spikes. Use this product as a primary source protector and surge power bar for secondary protection.

Residential Wiring

DiVito Electric performs all types of electrical construction from retrofit work like adding additional outlets or switches to new custom home wiring. We also provide same day service calls.

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Master Electrician
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Intercom/Data Installations

We also supply and install home theatre ceiling and wall speakers, intercom, data, phone and cable TV complete operating systems.

Keywords: Custom Home, Electrical Construction, Fuse Panel, Home Theatre, Install Home Theatre, Video Equipment,