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By: Diversitech  09-12-2011
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Company Overview

Diversi-Tech or DT Hitch & Lock Mfg Co. is an automotive parts & trailer towing products manufacturing company. DiversiTech has manufacturing operations in the United States and China, but produces all adjustable aluminum trailer drop hitch products and fixed drop ball mounts here in the USA. DT specializes in manufacturing high end professional grade maximum security coupler locks and self locking polished aluminum adjustable trailer drop hitch products. Diversi-Tech primarily sells its products through a network of independent distribution companies and these companies distribute DT products to more than 123,000 retail stores including: Auto Parts, RV, Trailer, ATV, Sporting Good, Marine and Hardware Stores throughout the United States, Canada and many other countries worldwide. DiversiTech Mfg Co. was organized in 2000 and then incorporated in the State of Utah in 2002. Most all DT products have been designed and engineered in house and then tested and approved for highway use by various independent testing labs. Diversi-Tech owes its initial success to the development of the DT-25013 coupler lock. This lock was the first truly universal trailer coupler lock offered for sale in the United States and it was designed to securely fit on all sizes and types of trailer couplers currently in use today. Before the introduction of the maximum security DT coupler lock, most retailers had no choice but to stock 10 to 20 different locks from various lock manufactures in order to offer their customers a good locking option for their trailers coupler. Within the first few years of manufacturing the new DT-25013 coupler locks, DT had sold several hundred thousand coupler locks and was well on its way to leading the market in maximum security professional line security lock products. In 2004 DiversiTech introduced a full line of aircraft grade polished aluminum ball mount trailer hitch products with a tested and V-5 approved 18,000 # rating. This was the highest approved tow rating for a line of automotive grade drop hitches available in the United States, but due to ball strength limitations, DT elected to de-rate these ball mounts to a more conservative 14,000 # tow rating.

Today, Diversi-Tech still manufactures all 24 versions of its aircraft grade polished aluminum drop hitches here in the USA. These products are all precision CNC machined and fully hand machine polished before being assembled. All DT products manufactured here in the United States and China go through 3 levels of vigorous quality control testing before being packaged and delivered to our customers. DiversiTech continues to offer a limited life lime warranty on all of its security lock products and a one year limited warranty on all towing related products.

Diversi-Tech Corporation prides itself on offering only the best customer service and technical support to its customers, and DiversiTech believes that great customer service is the key to its continued success and growth.

The DT Adjustable Ball Mount & DT Aluminum Trailer Drop Hitch DT-ALBM6400, The DT Polished Aluminum Trailer Ball Mount Drop Hitches DT-ALBM6600, Diversitech Double Ball Adjustable Ball Mounts DT-ALBM6800. The DT Dual Ball Rapid Drop Aluminum Hitch DT-ALBM7000 and Diversi-tech 2 Ball Adjustable Aluminum Ball Mount DT-STBM6400, DT-STBM6600, DT-STBM6800, DT-STBM7000. Similar to Adjustable Andersen Rapid Hitch or B & W Tow & Stow, the Diversatech Aluminum Locking Ball Mount DT-LBM8200, Diversa-tech DT-LBM8400, Diversi-tec DT-LBM8600 Mounts, Diversitec Locking Aluminum Ball Mount, DT Two Ball Billet Aluminum Rapid Drop Ball Mount, Hitch Pin Type Ball Mounts DT-BM4200, DT-BM4400, DT-BM4600. DT 1 ¼” Hole Products: DT-BM5200, DT-BM5400, DT-BM-5600. Similar to Anderson Rapid Hitch or B & W Tow & Stow series. LBM Series 1 ¼” Hole Products DT-LBM9200, DT-LBM9400, DT-LBM9600.

Diversi-Tech DT-25013 Lock, The DT Maximum Security Universal Trailer Coupler Lock, DT Diversitech Trailer Pad Locks. DT-25013 Diversi-Tech Trailer Security Coupler Locks. The Diversi-Tech DT-31005 Hitch Pin Lock, Diversa-tech DT-30005 Locking Hitch Pin, DT-32005 Universal Hitch Pin Locks, DT Diversatech DT-40122 padlock. Diversitec DT-39002 hasp and Latch Puck locks. DT-31005 5/8” Locking Hitch Pin. .

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