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By: Distance Healing  09-12-2011
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Depression Relief – a safe, natural alternative therapy

T he new field of energetic medicine is a sophisticated, intelligent way of viewing health and wellness and correcting depression based on quantum physics. 

According to the principles of energetic medicine, the body’s mental well-being depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level. These information fields are an active, creative force, intimately involved in the form and manifestation of one’s state of health—physically, mentally and emotionally. When we examine the body’s health through the viewpoint of the energetic body, we are able to assess the correct informational fields which produce emotional well being. And we can also detect disturbed informational fields which produce mental or emotional lows or dysfunctional patterns which we refer to as depression. 

According to energetics, any form of depression can be redefined as an imbalance arising in the informational energy field.  In simple terms, depression is a glitch in the programming of one’s informational field. The correction of this depression can be accomplished by correcting these disturbances, which can then eliminate the disharmony and the dysfunctional patterning of the depression, to restore mental and emotional well being. Energetic medicine, by rebalancing the body and mind, enables the body and mind to heal itself, naturally. 

So that this does not seem overly simplified, energetic medicine simultaneously addresses several other important aspects of the human system. This includes Bioresonance that helps to clear disharmonious frequencies from the body.  It includes the electrical properties of the body such as the Auto VARHOPE balancing of the body’s electrical fields, scaler technology which helps to balance the endocrine glands, and trivector therapy  which balances the energy fields. There are twelve basic areas of balancing as part of the basic healing equation. 

Energetic medicine makes use of natural processes for rebalancing the system. One of the initial assessments for our clients who need help with depression is to do an overview of lifestyle and eating habits. We do an assessment that shows what nutrients are missing that may be affecting mood and mental outlook. The cycle of stress and vitamin depletion needs to be checked out. Also, many individuals with depression difficulties may be taking minerals and vitamins but may not be absorbing them. We need to address this. 

Oftentimes, human systems in today’s world are suffering from overload. Not only poor eating habits but pollution of air, water supply, electro-pollution, high levels of sugar in the diet, over-activity, over-stimulation, caffeine, alcohol, not to mention money and relationship worries that may all contribute to depression.  

Next we usually check the neurotransmitters in the brain to see what is out of balance. We are able to balance the high and the low neurotransmitters. We are able to energetically boost neurotransmitters that are in low supply. This often helps to start lifting the depression fog. 

Then we work on neuro-linguistic programming to retrain the brain to healthy thinking patterns. Some of our energetic reprogramming for depression includes Release of false illusions, Anger control 1 & 2 (for slight or deep anger), Restoration of positive self image, Depression release, Letting go of self-aggression, Stopping addictive behavior, Release of negativity, Dissolving fear and paranoia, Stimulating emotional growth, Stimulating memory (storage, retention, retrieval), and Stimulating insight and intelligence. 

All of this patterning reprogramming is chosen by the client’s subconscious in the degree and order they need to be addressed.  Our energetic process is calibrated with the client’s subconscious on 20 different levels. (See the section under Energetic Medicine.) Our systems have an alarm reaction so that if the client becomes in any way stressed, the program stops and relaxation biofeedback puts them back in a receptive, relaxed frame of mind again. 

Additional programs include Obsession release (to reduce worry and anxiety), Schizophrenic reunion to self, Reprogramming of karma, Stimulation of creativity, Higher purpose alignment for accelerating spiritual growth, Stimulation of innate intelligence, and Stimulation of verbal, emotional and mathematical intelligence. Our programs also address Joining of the hemispheres of the brain to know one’s true self, Reduction of the death instinct of self-destruction, Stabilizing love, Reducing frustration, Grief assistance, Reducing sadness, Stabilization mood disorders, and Building up of self confidence. 

One of our Quantum programs that is particularly valuable is called Unconscious Reactivity. In this program we address fears, traumas and frustrations from the past. Working with the client’s subconscious we are able to deal with a particular traumatic situation that may be an underlying disturbance adding to depression. Our Quantum system, taking its lead from the client’s subconscious, delineates the years that the trauma escalated, from gestation through to present, along with the underlying cause of the trauma, the part of the body system where the trauma is trapped, along with the various organs affected by the trauma. Then the program is able to help dissolve the trauma on the organic, cellular and emotional levels. The program deeply interfaces with the forgiveness and letting go process, and has helped hundreds and hundreds of people. 

As if this was not enough, our Quantum Distance Program for Depression addresses an entire other level of Biofeedback programs. Some of those programs include: Releasing subconscious negativity, Balancing the conscious with the subconscious, Emotional release, Balancing bipolar depression, Releasing emotional and physical trauma, Releasing psycho-somatic disorders, Tuning brain function, Re-establishing the body to soul connection, Stimulation of oxygen to the brain, Aggression release, Reducing stress in spine and nerves, Releasing psychic pain and releasing phobias. Our programs can also help to improve Learning disabilities and to Release one’s deep potential to succeed. For clients with migraines, we are able to help them by balancing both hemispheres of the brain through Harmonic Therapy.

Keywords: health and wellness, Trauma

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Health Problems — Quantum Distance Healing

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