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By: Distance Healing  09-12-2011

The efficiency of your digestive system has a great deal to do with your overall sense of well-being. At Quantum we are able to help balance your digestive process so that it works smoother and more efficiently. By balancing your metabolism, we are able to help your body to assimilate food, vitamins and minerals more efficiently. We have many different approaches that help in this regard, including homeopathy and biofeedback.

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Healing Modalities — Quantum Distance Healing

When you receive a distance healing from the Distance Healing Network, you are having an adjustment of your entire energy field, naturally. We help you to have insight into your emotional and spiritual stress to learn how your emotional body is communicating with you. Less stress then helps your body to have the energy it needs to heal and strengthens your overall health and vitality.


Health Problems — Quantum Distance Healing - health problems

Our Quantum system, taking its lead from the client’s subconscious, delineates the years that the trauma escalated, from gestation through to present, along with the underlying cause of the trauma, the part of the body system where the trauma is trapped, along with the various organs affected by the trauma.