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By: Distance Healing  09-12-2011
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Holistic Healing on Multiple Levels

How can we find balance with all of the toxicity we have to deal with from the modern world on a daily basis?  There has to be a balance to help keep our energy fields in alignment with healthy energies.  We feel that there is a missing piece in conventional healthcare.  Understanding you as a whole being with interconnected parts including your energy field is key to your ultimate wellness.

When you receive a distance healing from the Distance Healing Network, you are having an adjustment of your entire energy field, naturally.  Our state-of-the-art quantum technology works through biofeedback to helps you identify the stressors that are blocking your energy.  Next, it  stabilizes your energy field by helping your system to manage stress effectively.  Less stress then helps your body to have the energy it needs to heal and strengthens your overall health and vitality.

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Stress Management

For a healing to be complete, it is necessary to address all these levels of a human being.  That is why our process of balancing your system takes multiple levels into consideration.  Approaching it this way means that a healing can be complete and holistic.   we gently address the underlying issues that may have began the stress in the first place.  Most importantly, we help you to have insight into your emotional and spiritual stress to learn how your emotional body is communicating with you.  In our experience, we have found that the physical stress is often a reflection of a deeper emotional or spiritual stress.  The physical condition is often the alarm to help us wake up and pay attention.  We guide you through the information verbally as it is being communicated to you energetically.

It takes intelligence, intuition and care to achieve this and our practitioners at the Distance Healing Network are excellent at helping you to achieve this balance.  We take great care to coach you and your energies into a state of wellness and vitality.  Distance Healing also works to clear energy imbalances on deep levels for stress management to keep your energy at optimal levels and your emotional and mental states in harmony.

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Keywords: Distance Healing, healing, Holistic healing, stress, Stress Management

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