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By: Dispelled  09-12-2011

Out in the field farming last year, we kept track of each dump into the cart. But since it was all scribbled on paper, sometimes in the wee hours, it was unfinished and didn’t end up getting used. So this year, I wanted to make sure the records I kept were as close to correct as possible, and stored away every night so nothing was forgotten. It is nice to check your progress on the go, while sitting in the tractor or combine.

I am using Android 2.3.3 with Polaris office on a Samsung Galaxy S2, but it shouldn’t be too much different as long as you have an Excel program. Also I have to warn you, I don’t really use Excel that much, so most of this stuff is dead simple. Like the layout of the spreadsheet.

Take six columns labeled Date, Bin number, Pounds, Bushels, Crop, and Field. Next, since our scale is in pounds I used a formula to convert to bushels.


I put this in each column D (bushels). This is saying take the value from it’s column C row 3 and divide it by 50. Canola is 50 pounds per bushel. INT is short for integer which rounds it off. Any calculations you want to do in a cell put a = first. =2+2 displays 4.

So if you want to convert to kilograms just divide by 2.2. I started on Sheet2 for the totals. In this program it is Sheet1, Sheet2, etc. Yours may be different. Layed out the columns with Crop, Pounds, Bushels, and Kilograms. Now I needed to find a way to add all the rows in the crop column for each type. Assuming the setup is the same like mine, Sheet1 Column E is where the data is. In B5 put


Or in english, if the text on Sheet1 column E 3 to 100 is canola, then take that rows column C 3 to 100, add em all up and display it. Then you can do your conversions like above. Change the crop name in that bit of code for your other crops and you are counting.

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Set the theme of your site to the mobile one, go into current theme settings, change the width to 100% and the color to whatever you like. Smooci is just like any normal WordPress plugin, you activate it in plugins and then find it’s options under Settings> Smooci. Notice that I also moved the container div to inside the loop to get it to display properly. Upload the theme you want to use for mobiles to your wpcontent/themes directory.


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Even though the new Galaxy Nexus is coming out this month, it has a 5MP camera and that is not going to cut it. So I thought the battery had died when it hit the water. Then it went through the washer, full cycle.


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In the Add Repository dialog that appears, enter “ADT Plugin” for the Name and the following URL for the Location: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse. Use the Update Manager feature of your Eclipse installation to install the latest revision of ADT on your development computer. To run the Hello World application, you need to install at least one Android platform in your SDK environment.


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Microprocessors / Microcontrollers – On this section, my Instructor explained we may spend a bit more study time on Microcontrollers, since they are getting used for a lot of applications lately. Things I don’t want to forget, study guides, exam scores, links etc… Since the brain can only store so much information, I figured I am going to need somewhere for the rest of it to go.


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The DC collector resistance is simply the collector resistance, where the AC collector resistance is the collector resistor in parallel with the load resistance. The amplifier conducts for the full 360 degrees of the input cycle, always in the linear region, and the output wave is 180 degrees out of phase with the input.