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DISHFARMS Entertainment and Design is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service.  We do sub-contract work for insurance companies, technology enterprises, residential complexes, local communities, government agencies, casinos, new homes , contractor & builders, home owners, businesses, restaurants and more..

We have highly trained and certified technicians specializing in these fields

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S e c u r i t y  /  C C T V

Home security system
Business security camera system
Home security surveillance video
4 / 8 / 16 + Channel digital video recorder DVR
Security camera Repair, Sales Installation, Service
Internet Security Camera Repair, Sales, Installation, Service
CCTV Internet Security Camera Syste m Repair, Sales, Installation, Service
Commercial DVR installations
Specialize in Stealth (Hidden) Surveillance System

Night Vision CCTV Security Camera Systems

Surveillance Projects, Spy Operations
Access Control Systems

Home and Business Surveillance

Digital Video Recording System
Commercial CCTV Product Int


Multi-lingual Support
Unmatched Pricing and Service

Piece of mind, evidence, safety..  This is what you will get with a dishfarms installation.  With the economy at a down fall, crime is on the rise.  Businesses and home owners are at risk of burglaries and home invasions.  When you are busy at work, someone can be in your garage or inside your residence taking your properties and your pride away from you. 

Do you know who stole that DeWalt Mitre Saw from your garage?

Will the police catch the theft who stole you SHARP LED 3D TV?

Who vandalized your BMW M3?

What else are you missing while you were away?


How much do you have to pay for your home insurance deductible when someone robs you?  $500?  $750?  $1000?  How much do you pay monthly for your home insurance?   The GOOD NEWS is that for the cost of your deductible, you can get a home surveillance system that will LOWER your insurance premiums.  Why pay the deductible to the insurance company when you can prevent and deter THEFT in the first place?  Have the peace of mind of knowing that everything that you've worked for is SAFE.

CCTV is now considered crucial in both crime prevention and detection. The applications of CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in home security and commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance. This approach provides the users with ultimate deterrent that is both visible and effective.

Do you want a PANIC ROOM?  We have make it happen, ask us how!

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C o m p u t e r   Se r v i c e s

Dishfarms provides a complete "end to end" installation service and network design from the initial site survey & performance requirement determination, through cabling installation, network infrastructure hardware installation & configuration, server & client PC installation, client software & applications software installation, to the final commissioning, testing and documentation of the completed network installation.

Having problems with your business or home PC's ?

Why disconnect all those cables and plugs and transport the lot to a repair shop. It might be a week or more before the PC will be ready to be collected.  Then there is bringing the machine home, all those cables and plugs have to be reconnected in the right place again.

You have an alternative!

Fast effective PC repairs on a need only basis.

Dishfarms Computer Services can be in your home or business, at a time convenient to you and carry out necessary repairs to your computer system. We could be fixing your PC at your home or office within 1 hour of your call.

PC upgrades or new computer systems can also be delivered, setup and installed in your home or business.

Business Network Environment

Site SurveyA cabling engineer will attend site and document the physical and environmental characteristics of the site and establish the network performance and cabling installation requirements.

Network Design:  Network topology & infrastructure hardware are specified to meet agreed performance and environmental requirements.

Network Cabling Installation:  In collaboration  with selected partner companies, where necessary,  supply and install structured cabling systems for data, & voice if required.

Network Infrastructure Hardware Installation:  Patch Panels, Hubs, Switches & Routers, supplied, installed configured to meet operational requirements.

Server Installation & Client PC Installation:  Server Hardware and Server Software installed and configured as per agreed requirements. Client Applications Software installed as per standard install procedures, customised to particular requirements.

Installation Hand-over:  Once the installation has been completed to the customer's satisfaction, the documentation is handed over and the necessary support agreements put into place.

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S a t e l l i t e

Dish Pointing / Aiming / AlignmentDish
Re-location / MovingComplete
Multi-level Satellite Wiring
Site Consultation (High obstruction areas, unique location search, new homes, renovations)
Custom Designs and Installs
Technical Support and training for basic networking
Ongoing Consultation (Projects management)
On-site maintenance and support
Dish Removal Recycling and Resale Program
Satellite Accessories and receiver wholesale supplier
Satellite technology research
Multi-lingual Support
Unmatched Pricing and Service


Provide professional advice for a setup that is right for you
Work with you to design the perfect wiring system
Weatherproof all outdoor equipment, guarantee not to cause leakages
Standby all installs and offer warranty to back your investment

OTHERS "We will do it for Cheap" Installers often

Use the cheapest parts and spend the least amount of time on your install
Use an analog satellite finder to point your dish
Offer NO warranty, change their phone number every month to avoid contact with previous customers
Sub-contract under-paid workers to install your system
Leave long and unnecessary wiring hanging
Will not waterproof anything
Point your dish towards the roof


No matter where you purchased your satellite equipment from, we will have it installed and working for you FAST!  We take pride in our installations, we take time to plan and design your complete system before any drilling takes place.  We know we are the best and the competitions knows it too.  We've fixed many bad and cheap installs that usually fails within a year.  If you've seen what other installers are doing, you will choose DISHFARMS too.  Why save $20-30 dollars on a cheap install, with no warranty, that will fail within a year, then you will have to call someone else to troubleshoot the bad install!  Have you seen Mike Holmes on Holmes on Homes?  You know what I am talking about..

Trying to get your second receiver working?

Is your receiver not switching between satellites?

Do you need someone to aim your multi satellite system?

Did you loose signal after a big storm?

Do you need professional installation for your motorized dish?

Do you have an existing dish and want more channels?

Need a creative installation (LNB Brackets, stealth installs) for you within YOUR budget?

DISHFARMS can help!!!

Dishfarms professional installation team has helped hundreds of satellite users obtain the best signal possible for their satellite setup.  We are equipped with the most advanced digital satellite finder and digital Fluke meter to ensure you get a quality install that will last you a long time.

We Work with All kinds of dishes

Motorized Setup (1 Dish, 1 LNB, 1 Motor, All the satellites)E85 Dish (5+ Satellites on 1 Dish)

Elliptical Dishes 18x24 (Upto 4 Satelites, 1 Dish)

Dish 1000.x (Special Dish Network dishes with multiple LNBs)

Dish 500 (2 Satellites (upto 5 w/SPECIAL bracket), 1 Dish), Slimline to FTA, Dishfarms custom, Small Dish with 2 LNBs), Top Secret hidden installs (Custom made for your site)

DirecTV Slimline Dishes (Special DirecTV multi-LNB dishes)

We have aimed anything from 18" Power 500 Sat Dish, 18" x 24" Elliptical Dish, Winegard Dish 500, E-85, FTA 80cm Dish, Moteck, Stab HH90 motor setup, T55/T90 Dish, you name it we can DO IT.  Dishfarms only use professional digital equipment to aim your setup, no yelling on the roof asking if there is a signal.

Our installations all also 100% compatible with your original Bell ExpressVu, Dish Network, DirecTV, Glorystar, FTA, Shaw Direct, Telus TV, AMC 4 101w, 97w, GALAXY 19 25 AMC 87w and all others.  We will assemble, install, aim and wire your dish, you can sit back and go on with your day, we will show you our masterpiece when it is done. Is that simple!

Dishfarms installers will find the perfect setup for your FTA system like: Sonicview, Viewsat, Dishfarms, CNX, Nfusion, Neosat, Pansat, Coolsat, Captain, iLink, KBox, Limesat, Captiveworks, Fortec, Skyview, Spacestar, Sonysat, Vortex, Ariza and more…

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Audio / Video Integrations

We don’t just sell the best televisions, audio systems, and control systems; we design and install the best entertainment systems for both home and commercial applications. Whether it’s a full home installation, a dedicated home theater, a large commercial complex, a productive conference room, or just a simple service call, Dishfarms Entertainment and Design will deliver quality, performance based products at a competitive price coupled with an exceptional level of service.

At Dishfarms Entertainment and Design, we are passionate about great audio and video technology and recognize that when you press play, you want to be impressed. Our expert design and installation team will ensure that you get exactly what you want, and create and exceptional entertainment experience just for you!

Dishfarms Entertainment and Design offers the following professional services and products to enhance your home, office, resturant or store:

Home Theater Components, Design and Installation

High Performance Music Systems and Components

Multimedia Conference Rooms

Video Conferencing Systems

Automation and Control Systems

Whole House Music Systems

Lighting Control and Shading Systems

Home Security and Camera Systems

Networking and Computer Systems

On-Site Service Technicians

In-Home Consultations Available

Do you have a bunch of high end audio video equipment sitting at home just begging to be used to its FULL potential?  Is your current home theater setup confusing and hard to use?  Are you not using HDMI cables for your HD system?  Give Dishfarms a call and we will make sure you get your money's worth by having us remodel your media center.

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G r e e n   P o w e r

Make a difference, GO GREEN.  Dishfarms can design a perfect Solar or Wind power plant that fits your home.  You can also convert your 120v lighting into 12v LED system that draws significantly less energy and it has a longer life cycle.

If you are interested in the latest LED, Solar Panel and Wind Power technology, Dishfarms can help.

An off-grid system can provide discreet power source that is controlled by you

A solar backup system can ensure you an un-interrupted supply of electricity

You can even sell how ever much power you do not use back to your power company

Choose Dishfarms

Protect Your Home and Equipment with our Professional Installs!

Discover the power that peace of mind can bring.Increase your Home Value with High Quality Structured Wiring

Call Dishfarms Satellite Services today!

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