Trifecta Stack by LG Sciences

By: Discount Bodybuilding  09-12-2011


LG Sciences cant provide you with illegal anabolics, but we can give you the next best thing, a legal stack that rivals what you can get on the black market. Prohormones are the only thing that gets close to the level of illegal anabolics. Luckily, our legal prohormones have benefits over illegal anabolics in safety. Using our patent pending delivery method, we have given our prohormones the potency without the negative side effects.

Our Trifecta Stack is a six week supply that will give the beginner or the most advanced bodybuilder the ability to build muscle that you keep for years, NOT days. You dont just fill up your existing muscle cells ( which is why you lose muscle so fast after a cycle of other products), you actually create new muscle cells that stay with you for life! This stack can truly change your genetics forever!

Each 6 week supply includes:

1 Bottle of Methyl 1-D XL 135 Caps
1 Bottle of Methyl Masterdrol XL 135 Caps
1 Bottle of Formadrol Extreme XL 90 Caps


METHYL 1-D may be one of the most potent androgens since the prohormone ban in January 2005. With METHYL-1D, you get an AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroid) hormone that's a chemical cousin to Testosterone. METHYL 1-D converts easily into TEST and also has an estrogen blocker to prevent bloat and man boobs along with a 5aR inhibitor, so you can keep your hair. This is by far the safest product on the market that still gives prohormone results. You'll get solid gains in muscle mass without the bloated look you get from many steroids.

You will feel Methyl-1D immediately because it gives instant results that you can count on time and time again. Studies with the ingredients in METHYL 1-D show improvements within two week in strength, mass and body fat ratio but you'll begin to feel the effects with your very first dose. Potential benefits of Methyl 1-D are:
  • Extreme Gains in Strength and Size
  • Skyrocketing Testosterone Levels
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • No Estrogen Effects - due to the estrogen blocker
  • No Hair Loss - because we block DHT
  • Ramped up Metabolism and Thermogenesis
  • Greater Conversion of Glucose to Energy rather than Fat.
  • Incredible Sense of Power That Comes from a Boost in Testosterone

Unlike other supplements out there, you'll get the full benefit of all the ingredients in METHYL 1-D. It's as potent as any methyl on the market today because of a patent pending special delivery mechanism.


Other potant steroids ANAVAR, PROVIRON, MASTERON, STANOLONE, METHSTANOLONE are ANDROSTANES. Some other androstanes you might remember are Masterdrol, Methyl Masterdrol, androstanediol and androstanedione better known as 5aAndro. All of these ANDROSTANE steroids have one thing in common, crazy strength gains with incredible hardening. The new Methyl Masterdrol has the same basic structure of Masterdrol, Masterdrol V2 and Methyl Masterdrol and it is a prohormone capable of giving the same gains in strength and extreme intensity in the gym, IF you can unlock the secret of potent delivery. We have solved this problem and made the safest and most effective product ever! 


Formadrol Extreme ups your Testosterone levels, blocks Estrogen conversion and helps you create your own Testosterone, naturally. It’s the most powerful Anti-Estrogen, Pro-Testosterone Complex we could find. It combines two ferocious anti-estrogen ingredients absolutely obliterate it while increasing Testosterone at the same time!

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