Diproinduca - converting industrial waste into assets - ~Environmental Liabilities

By: Diproinduca  09-12-2011

Environmental liability can be a very difficult challenge - and can even threaten the long-term viability of your business. Diproinduca can extract environmental liability from the byproducts generated within the steelmaking process so that it may be safely disposed in keeping with local regulations.

Disposal of the waste and byproducts includes the transportation logistics and final disposal reports approved by the present environmental legislation.

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Diproinduca - converting industrial waste into assets - ~Gain Products From Waste

The recovery and processing solution provided by Diproinduca allows you to gain additional profits from he waste generated within your operational process increasing your competitive position - and strengthening your bottom line. Given the cost of production inputs you cannot afford to allow any assets to remain in a dormant state.


Diproinduca - converting industrial waste into assets - ~Products

Our growing list of products can bring ongoing efficiencies to your organization, providing the materials that you need at a very affordable cost. As well our team can consult with you to determine the most effective way for you to use these high quality products in your specific operations. One of the most effective ways to streamline your production costs is with quality products made from high grade industrial waste materials.


Diproinduca - converting industrial waste into assets - ~Accumulation of Waste Byproducts

Waste is segregated once it enters the storage yard according to its recovery value or disposal cost - mixing and preparation of material allows for an increase in the value of the recovered product. Diproinduca's Iron Fines Recovery Services cover every aspect of the manufacturing process, from initial storage to sale and international transportation.


Diproinduca - converting industrial waste into assets - ~Use Your Land Effectively

This ineffective use of land is often caused by the accumulation of waste and byproducts generated within the steel making process that take up large areas of land which could potentially be used more productively in your operations. This process includes the cleaning and drainage of the affected areas and pits while the non-recoverable waste is safely disposed of in proper landfill sites.


Diproinduca - converting industrial waste into assets - ~Reduce Material Costs

Some of the materials that we recover with our state-of-the-art services include DRI Fines, Sludges and Clusters, Pellet Fines, oily Mill Scale, Iron Fines and Pond Fines. The rising cost of materials is always a very important concern - that's why our recovered materials are such an effective option.


Diproinduca - converting industrial waste into assets - ~Products Services

These services allow us to provide our clients with an alternative source of controlled and guaranteed quality products, offering ongoing savings through low cost materials, enhanced quality or efficiencies, and increased profitability. That's why our core services include the purchasing, processing and sale of industrial byproducts and waste materials as well as the processing of waste for environmentally acceptable disposal.