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By: Dimensional Technologies  09-12-2011

Dimensional Technologies offers a number of business solutions that are effective in today's competitive environment.  We use best-of-breed technologies to provide the right data and knowledge management solutions.  Budgeting & Planning, Document Management, and 'Analysis Across the Enterprise' are our specialties.

In today’s economy your driving motivation must be corporate profitability. Your organization must continually strive to decrease operational costs, increase sales and, through effective decision-making, improve the bottom line to ensure shareholder confidence and corporate longevity.  Business Intelligence solutions enable you to analyze your business from a profitability perspective.  With Dimensional Technologies help, your organization will be able to answer the following key business questions and many more:

  • What drives my profitability?
  • Where are my costs coming from?
  • Who are most profitable customers?
  • Where do they spend the most?
  • Through what channel?
  • Where are the opportunities to streamline?
  • Where are the opportunities to increase sales?

Dimensional Technologies has extensive experience delivering business intelligence solutions.  We have packaged combined years of consulting and business experience into an 'Analytics Accelerator' framework which allows us to quickly build business solutions, substantially reducing the total cost of ownership for analysis systems.  With our approach, in a very short period of time, you can easily analyze and understand your business in practical, informative, and profitable ways.

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Whether you require the latest industry or corporate news; sales data; production reports; or simply to be made aware of appointments and project deadlines, Dimensional Technologies Executive Desktop provides the answers you need. V1.1As available information increases exponentially and available time seems to contract, it is increasingly necessary to have the information you need, when you need it, and at your finger tips.