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By: Digital Assault Media  09-12-2011
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Online Shopping Cart

Digital Assault Media provides affordable website design services to small and large businesses.   We now offer affordable full featured shopping cart solution through which customers can browse the store their own way, using product attribute based layered navigation, rather than rigid category structures.  Our solution offers a surprisingly powerful and effective admin back-end, which puts you in complete control of every part of your store.  Everything can be presented in multiple languages, and products can be priced in several currencies.

Main Features:
  • Offers great customer experience
  • Has very user friendly back-end
  • Accepts online payments
  • Allows to sell almost anything
  • Keeps track of your inventory
  • Is optimized for search engines
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Flexible shipping and tax configuration

Feature Summary:
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unlimited number of category levels
  • Assign a product to multiple categories
  • Quantity and user group based pricing
  • Fractional quantity products
  • Custom quantity steps and limits per product
  • Custom shipping surcharges per product
  • Custom product attributes per category
  • Upload unlimited number of images for every product
  • Image thumbnails are generated automatically
  • Display related products at product detail page
  • Display list of recommended products, based on previous purchases, at detail page
Product Variations
  • Separate SKUs for each product variation
  • Convenient management of variations
  • Multi-level variations (for example, color/size)
  • Easily disable certain unavailable variation combinations
  • Set different prices and shipping weight for each variation
  • Upload different image for each variation
  • Dependent drop-down selection
  • Inventory tracking for each variation
  • Different variations of the same product can be purchased within the same order
Product Options
  • Allows customers to customize products
  • Supported types - check-box, select box, multiple select and text input
  • Each option can change product price
  • Define options at category or product levels
  • Create product variations without separate SKUs
  • Same product with different options can be purchased within the same order
Powerful Business Rule System
  • Define discounts and other actions based on arbitrary rules:
    • Certain product presence in order and quantities
    • Item quantity divisability by a certain number
    • Order total
    • Customers and customer groups
    • Delivery zone
  • The following actions are supported:
    • Add a discount to whole order
    • Add a discount to each matched item
    • Disable checkout
  • Discount steps and limits (buy X and get 1 free)
  • Possible to define very complex rules
  • Limit rule activity by date range
  • Discount coupons
  • Discount coupon usage can be limited by customer or overall
  • Secure (SSL) connection for all checkout pages (configurable)
  • No registration is required for customer - the account is created automatically
  • Easy 2-3 step wizard - address entry, shipping selection (if applicable) and payment
  • Customer can always return to a previous step without losing entered information
  • Customer can enter separate billing and shipping addresses
  • Customer can select addresses from previously entered addresses (addressbook)
Multiple Languages
  • Unlimited number of languages can be active in the same store
  • Absolutely everything can be translated
  • Ready-made translations into 17 languages
  • Customers can switch to a different language at any time
  • Effective translation editor in backend
Effective Back-end Administration
  • Absolute control over every part of your store
  • AJAX-based and interactive
  • Unlimited administrators with customizable access permissions
  • WYSIWYG product description editor
  • Powerful data searching and filtering capabilities
  • Effective mass data management
  • Drag & drop management wherever applicable
  • Extensive help documentation
  • Real time shipping rate lookups (USPS, Fedex integration)
  • Define custom delivery zones down to country, state, city or even street level
  • Different shipping rates per delivery zone
  • Rates can be based on shipment weight or subtotal
  • Certain products (over-sized, fragile, etc) can be designated to require separate shipment
Real-time Payment Processing
  • Accept payments online
  • Accept credit card payments directly from your store
  • Integrates with major payment processors:
    • PayPal
    • Google Checkout
    • 2CheckOut
    • RBS WorldPay
    • SagePay (Protx)
  • Accept offline payments
  • Up to 3 customizable offline payment methods
  • Custom input fields for offline payment methods
  • Multiple payments per order are supported
Customer Self Service Area
  • Customers can view all their past orders
  • Keep track of current order statuses
  • Integrated customer support system
  • Download files for digital item purchases
  • Print invoices
  • Manage account details
  • Manage address book
Data Import And Export
  • Product and category data import from a CSV file
  • Export product, customer and order data to CSV file
Convenient Product Catalog Navigation
  • Attribute based layered navigation (filters)
  • Manufacturer and price range filters
  • Products can be displayed as a list or as a grid
  • List sorting by name, price, rating or by time of addition
  • Featured products
  • Custom product selections (lists)
  • Search by keyword or SKU
Digital (downloadable) Products
  • Supports downloadable products
  • A digital product can contain multiple files
Bundled Products
  • Assign multiple regular products into a bundle
  • Define a different (discounted) price for the whole bundle
Built-in Inventory Management
  • Automated inventory tracking for all products
  • Items that are out of stock can be either disabled automatically or stay visible and accept back-orders
  • Inventory tracking at product variation level
Reviews and Ratings
  • Visitors can rate and review products
  • Separate rating types for different categories
  • Possible to require a customer to have purchased a product before allowing to review it
  • Send newsletter messages to customers and subscribers
  • Ability to send message only to customers or subscribers
  • Save message drafts and sent messages
Custom Data Fields
  • Add new fields for orders, customer accounts, addresses, manufacturers, categories, etc.
  • Field types: text, select box, multi-select, date
  • Field validation (numeric fields, required fields, etc.)
  • Custom order fields allow customers to enter order delivery instructions, delivery date, gift message, etc.
  • Multiple shipments per order are supported
  • Shipping to multiple addresses
  • Administrator can modify and rearrange the shipments by adding or removing products, changing quantities, splitting the order into multiple shipments, etc.
  • Every aspect (items, shipping, addresses, etc.) of an order can be modified from admin back-end
  • Administrator can update order status.
  • Administrator can restrict minimum or maximum order totals and a maximum quantity of products per order.
Multiple Currencies
  • Unlimited number of currencies can be active
  • Customers can switch to a different currency at any time
  • Product prices can be defined either for each currency separately or calculated automatically using defined currency rates
  • Application files reside outside web root
  • User passwords are encrypted
  • Secure connection used for checkout, payment, user area and backend pages (configurable)
  • Credit card numbers are not stored in database
  • Secure connection is always used when communicating with payment gateway servers
  • Secured from possible XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks
  • Supports shared-SSL (https pointing to different domain)
  • Fully configurable tax types and rates
  • Different tax rates per delivery zone
  • Applicable taxes are automatically applied to order total
  • Multiple taxes supported
  • Supports EU VAT - prices can be entered with tax
  • A different tax rate can be applied to shipping charges
Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO optimized out of the box
  • Clean URLs that contain search keywords
  • H1 tags contain product and category names
  • Customize page titles for every product and category
  • Meta description tags contain product and category descriptions
  • Auto-generated XML sitemaps (supported by Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask, etc.)
  • Send notifications to customers on various events
  • HTML and plain-text versions are customized separately
  • Send forgotten password to customer
Powerful Reporting and Statistics Capabilities
  • Have a complete overview of your store performance
  • 20 different reports, including:
    • Sales dynamics
    • Cart conversion analysis
    • Order details analysis
    • Best selling products
    • Top customers
    • Top search queries
  • Each report has a customizable date range
  • Most reports can be analyzed through different time periods - daily, hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly summaries

Keywords: search engines, Website Design

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