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By: Diebold  09-12-2011

Based on decades of experience in providing drive-thru retail solutions to, Diebold offers several different systems to meet your pharmacies' or stores' unique needs.Pneumatic Tube Prescription Delivery Systems
Our pneumatic tube systems are designed for the convenience of both patients and pharmacists, alike. Our systems feature compact ergonomic design and quality engineering to maximize convenience, reliability and efficiency. Each system includes the following components: Customer Terminal, Operator Terminal, System Controls, Audio System, Carrier, and the tube system.

Script Delivery Drawers

These drawers are designed for high volume, large-capacity pharmacy drive-thru's, with a durable, low maintenance finish for an attractive appearance for years to come. Provides improved security by preventing direct contact between pharmacists and customers.

Script Delivery Windows

Increase efficiency and security, bullet resistive, easily installed, and available in a variety of sizes. Our exclusive design simplifies installation and glass replacement.

Audio and Video Systems

Our audio and video systems provide clear, and quality communication between pharmacists/technicians and patients.
Commercial Depositories
Commercial depositories provide a solution for businesses who receive after-hours packages, including books, videos and mail.

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Diebold Security - Retail Solutions

This overhead remote blower pneumatic system carries a large capacity carrier designed especially for pharmacy use, with a payload up to 2 lbs. Controls use solid-state circuitry and a small PC board in the control enclosure drives the entire system. The system’s only moving parts are the blower, customer unit door and operator unit door motor. Maximum reliability is achieved through design simplicity.