Didco Synthetic Diamond Grits Overview

By: Didco  09-12-2011
Keywords: Diamond Grit

Coated Saw Grit

  • Enhanced crystal retention in bond matrix
    Usually the pull-out ratio of coated grit can be reduced by 20-40% compared to that of uncoated grit. Moreover, most crystals can be used to their full cutting potential.
  • High flexibility in selection of bond matrix
    Coatings can protect diamond grit from aggressive metal bonding powders such as chromium, iron and tungsten, which allow the tool manufacturer more flexibility in selection of the bond matrix.
  • Improved cutting efficiency
    The most important factor affecting the cutting efficiency of tools is the particle protrusion height in the bond matrix. Usually the greater protrusion height, the better cutting efficiency. After applying coatings to diamond, the protrusion height of the particles is increased by 30%. In most cases, 60/80 can be widely used in segments.
  • Economics
    On the one hand, toolmakers can use more cost effective metal powders in the bond matrix, which in effect reduces bonding costs. On the other hand, smaller grit sizes and lower grit concentrations can be selected for tool manufacturing, which reduces diamond costs.

Recommended Bond Systems

Coating Bond System Recommended Applications
Ti Coating Most conventional bonds.
Not suitable for pure cobalt bond at low temperatures.
For drilling and sawing hard stones and reinforced concrete.
Cr Coating Most conventional bonds.
Not suitable for high iron, copper and bronze bonds.
For drilling and sawing hard stones and reinforced concrete.
TiNi Coating (35% and 50%) Most conventional bonds.
Very suitable for Copper and Bronze based bonds.
For drilling and sawing medium to soft concrete and stones.

Keywords: Diamond Grit

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