Tibetan Gau Charms and pendants

By: Dharmashop  09-12-2011

Gau is the Tibetan word for a unique type of ornamental charm, frame or box that almost every Tibetan uses. Usually pieces of prayer scarves, pictures of deities or other precious items are kept inside. We supply a small picture of H.H. The Dalai Lama and a fragment of a prayer scarf with each charm.

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Tibetan wrist malas, power beads and jewelry

Malas made of wood are the most common, but some of our most popular are made of gemstones, lotus seed and bone. They are used to count prayers or mantras and often used to count prostrations. Wrist Malas are made with 27, 21 or 19 beads.


Tibetan Prayer Flags

The prayers of a flag become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from wind and sun. Tibetans renew their hopes for the world by continually mounting new flags alongside of the old. The Tibetan word for a horizontal prayer flag is Lung ta, which translates literally as "wind horse..