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By: Dharma Spirit  09-12-2011
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Iridology is a system of health analysis through the examination of the colored part of the eye, the iris.  The eyes through out time have been called the ‘windows of the soul’.  The iris is our key to knowing our genetic ‘health’ make up.  It can let us know what our constitution is, what health issues we may be prone to having, and where in the body those may occur.

The iris is an extension of the brain endowed with thousands of nerve endings, blood vessels, muscle tissue and connective tissue.  Every organ is connected to the iris via the nervous system.  The nerve fibers receive their impulses through the optic nerve, optic thalami and spinal cord.


Reference to the eye’s value in health assessment can be traced back to many ancient scriptures and stone slabs found in Asia Minor.  They depicted the connection of the body and they eye.  The Hungarian Doctor, Ignatz von Pexzely, in the late 19th century however, began what we now know as clinical iridology.

When trying to free an owl as a young child, von Peczely noticed its leg was broken.  During the struggle, he looked into the owl’s eyes and noticed a dark streak appear at 6 o-clock in the owl’s eye.  He remembered this incident while examining a leg of a patient as a doctor.  He was astonished to notice a similar mark in his patient’s eye!  After that, he began examining all of his patients eyes, and correlating what he saw to their symptomology.  Based on this data, he designed the very first iris chart.

The iris records information about the genetics, state and functioning of every organ in the body.  It can also let us know the levels of inflammation and toxicity of the body.  It is one more tool in helping the client find underlying causes of symptoms in order to begin a journey to health.

The main advantage to Iridology is that it helps one know where the weaknesses and strengths of their body are.  Thus, one can become pro-active in health before any problems even occur.  And, if health challenges have already begun, the iris is one more key in helping determine why such a problem has arose.

Iridology does NOT reveal specific pathology or disease.  It reflects hereditary tendencies and conditions of tissue, such as inflammation, acidity, toxicity, and congested lymph.  Iridology is more concerned with restoration and maintenance of health (as opposed to specific disease)and in building up the body’s immunity and healing ability.


by Dr Jack Tips.

Dr. David Holden, President of the Institute of Applied Iridology, claims:

With Sclerology, the cause of stress is easily identified because the lines start somewhere (the cause) and end somewhere (the effect). Since the surface area of the sclera is so large, the lines are easily discernible. This means that cameras, magnifiers and grids are not necessary, though helpful, to make an accurate sclera analysis.

One facet of Sclerology that practitioners really appreciate is that the lines change relatively quickly. This means that if nutritional therapy is correct the lines fade or change (relax) shape within a short time proving the effectiveness of the program.

Also it is important to have more than one ‘witness’ to a health condition because it makes for a more complete understanding of the deeper cause of a person’s health concerns. Every modality has its partial window of insight. With Iridology and Sclerology combined, the practitioner has two windows right in one area of expertise—the eyes—making for a much more comprehensive understanding.

Sclerology is growing rapidly as an insightful and accurate way to understand a person's health and health concerns, just by glancing in the eyes.

Keywords: Health, Iridology

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